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When you ship domestically, you have a lot to contend with, but when you ship internationally, there’s an additional set of complicated circumstances with which to deal. Large shipments crisscross the skies on a strict schedule, taking goods from one part of the world to another.

For the fastest shipping method that saves you time and money in the long run, air transport is unmatched. It is a quick, effective way to facilitate your supply chain. Some companies opt for a freight forwarding company to manage shipping services. Although ocean freight is a fantastic method for international shipping, if you don’t have time-sensitive freight shipment, it is much slower than air shipping.

If you decide to ship by air, you want to ensure that you are working with the most reliable air freight shipping company possible. Here are some things to consider before signing a contract.

Check Registration and Licensing

You need to ensure the company you choose is fully compliant with the moving industry’s regulations. If you have a freight-forwarding service, your professional forwarder will know what to check for you.

A top-notch company will gladly show potential customers proof that all their air freight equipment is up to standard, and they have all their licensing in order.

You’ll want to check that the company is accredited by the IATA, International Air Transport Association. If they are, you can trust they follow all regulations laid out by the IATA.

If you plan on shipping within or to the US, you can also check to see if they participate in the C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism). This program is part of the US Customs and Border Protection Agency, and companies that partake must comply with all their security requirements.

Choose a Responsive Air Freight Company

When you ship by air freight, you want it to get somewhere fast. Speed necessitates smooth operating and agility in all aspects of the complicated air freight process.

One of the most substantial assets of a freight forwarder is that they can help expedite some more complicated steps. Documentation needs to be in order, and if any problems arise, these issues need to be dealt with immediately.

As you’re gathering information, inquire about the delivery times and shipping rates of each option. If your potential air freight provider isn’t responsive to your inquiries, you may want to consider other options.

A competent air freight company has the technology to track your shipments every single step of the way. Air freight companies are all about responsiveness and timing. Without the requisite technology to keep up with the pace of business, they will fall behind.

A Competent Air Freighter will have Broad Reach

Another crucial aspect of ensuring speedy and accurate delivery of your goods is the web of networks an air freighter uses as conduits for shipments.

Scrutinizing company records and how long an air freight service has been in business helps you to determine how competent the company is. Most air freight companies have stable relationships with certain airlines, which gives them the agility to deal with any issues.

They may even be able to fit your goods in a shipment when demand is high. Only an air freight service that has been in business for a long time will know how to maneuver when things get stressed.

Pick a Company with a Reliable Reputation

Along with checking licensing and company records, customer reviews are a font of knowledge.

Air freight companies will give you references if you ask them for them. Once you’ve checked these, read some anonymous and unbiased customer reviews to ensure the company you choose is reliable and competent.

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The Final Word

The most vital aspects of a competent air freight company are its speed, stable networks, experience, and agility. If you’re looking for a reliable service to transport your goods, think about your choices’ technology, reputation, compliance, and reach.

With some savvy consideration, you will easily choose the right company for your business. For all your international shipping needs, contact Asiana USA.

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