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Freight Costs

Freight Costs
Calculating freight shipping costs is essential for your bottom line regardless of which transportation service you choose. Shipping rates can vary considerably between companies and methods, so compare quotes to find the lowest rates and the best shipping option for your needs. To accurately estimate freight shipping costs, you’ll need to know specific shipment details regarding the goods, such as dimensions and weight. Other variables also affect the cost of freight shipping, from the availability
Unpredictable Year Means for Freight Costs in 2021
Although 2020 was perhaps the most unpredictable year in recent history, its effects aren’t over yet. It’s still possible that 2021 will have significant curveballs, especially if the COVID-19 vaccine rollout hits significant obstacles. Global trade will likely take significant time to recover, depending on what economic stimulus packages governments worldwide continue to implement. Because all the variables affecting freight rates are more in flux than usual, shipping costs will continue to be unpredictable for
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