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Custom Duty

International Shipping Customs Clearance Processes
International shipping continues to grow as we become more reliant on online shopping and e-commerce. The internet has revolutionized how we shop and has caused customer expectations to hit all-time highs. People expect cheap goods, free shipping (or close to it), and fast delivery. As the global shipping industry expands, processes and strategies are continually evolving. With the help of technology, logistics companies are faster and more efficient than ever. However, with the increased traffic
Customs Agents
Global trade rules and regulations are constantly shifting at both the origin and destination countries. Even if you’ve been in the importing and exporting business for years, you’ll eventually encounter new trade agreements or duties and taxes that change your paperwork process. A licensed customs broker helps you avoid delays and even fines from customs and border protection agencies. Government agencies are usually strict, and won’t show leniency to importers who didn’t know the rules.
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