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Incoterms DDP vs. DDU
International business transactions requiring the delivery of goods can result in misunderstandings if the sellers do not clearly agree on terms in advance. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) developed the International Commercial Terms, or Incoterms, to give all parties in a transaction clear sets of rules for which costs a buyer or seller is responsible for paying. Two of the most popular Incoterms for international trade are DDU and DDP. DDU means Delivered Duty
International Commercial Terms, also known as Incoterms, are set contractual terms designed by the International Chamber of Commerce to help importers and exporters determine who is responsible for paying which costs. Since shipping, storage, and customs fees can add up to tens of thousands of dollars, these terms are very important to decide in advance. DDP (Delivered Duty Paid, or Delivery Duty Paid) is almost the same thing as DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid, or Delivery
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