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Perishable Logistics and Long-Term Food Storage

Long-Term Food Storage

In the global logistics world, speed isn’t the only thing that matters. Perishable goods need careful storage and handling to get across an ocean or over a border, and many things could go wrong if left in inexperienced hands.

Asiana USA has expert air freight specialists who know the ins and outs of perishable logistics services. We can facilitate every step of the shipping process, transport your goods to our temperature-controlled facility, and arrange long-term food storage.

We handle everything from customs clearance formalities for fruits and vegetables to the requirements for importing pharmaceuticals. We provide a complete volume planning program and service packages tailored to the needs of your growing company. Our volume planning program handling and logistics services offer precise control of your ingoing and outgoing goods’ temperature and quantity.

The Importance of Cold Chain Logistics

Shipments of perishable goods can be packed with frozen gel packs and shipped in foam containers to help keep them cool. However, these attempts to insulate the goods may not protect them during extended delays or exposure to very high temperatures.

With cold chain protection, goods like chocolate, pharmaceuticals, meats, flowers, or fish remain at the exact temperature required to prevent spoilage. Having a cold warehouse ready to receive the goods minimizes the risk of melting, spoiling, or other damage.

Many perishable goods import companies already operate on thin margins. Losses incurred during transit can be a serious blow to your ability to stay in business, so you need the best logistics partner to keep your profits.

Our Location and Services

We have a full-service warehouse next to the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) runway with multiple temperature-sensitive coolers, each with the ability to vary its internal temperature. Our storage process meets your products’ requirements and ensures the optimum conditions for storage. Our location makes us the closest perishable-forwarding IAC facility to LAX.

We can help with additional storage and transportation logistics solutions beyond just the airport, too. We can arrange drayage to your warehouse or the next leg of your products’ journey. Since we’re a comprehensive logistics provider, we have relationships with transportation companies worldwide and can help keep your goods moving during severe weather or other logistical obstacles.

Customs Clearance Support

Customs clearance is one of the most challenging steps of the import and export process. Customs regulations change frequently, and keeping up on the latest rules is time-consuming. Even export regulations can change suddenly, interfering with your shipment before it leaves the origin country.

Document preparation and customs clearance should be left in the hands of an experienced and knowledgeable freight forwarder who stays informed of changes. Having the same company do your cold chain management, and customs paperwork helps make the entire process more seamless.

Our services include document preparation, customs brokerage, and other arrangements necessary to get your goods out of customs and into the warehouse quickly. Waiting until the last minute to arrange customs brokerage can result in high fees and delays, so it’s much smarter to work with your freight forwarder in advance.

Customs clearance is even more critical for perishable goods than it is for non-perishables. Any delay in the customs process due to missing paperwork or required duties could result in your goods’ spoilage. Perishables may end up being destroyed if they violate tariff quotas, so it’s essential to work with a team with extensive knowledge of quotas and other limits.

Customs Clearance Support

Short-Term Logistics and More

The process doesn’t end with customs formalities. Prioritized space on airplanes for loading and unloading helps your goods get to where they need to go quickly. Since your cargo is so time-sensitive, priority space can make the difference in freshness and timely delivery of goods to your customers, especially if someone with dietary restrictions or special diets is depending on your products.

We also can advise you about the best practices for packing, storage, and unloading to protect your goods. Since we’ve helped so many customers with their perishables logistics, we’ve gathered extensive knowledge from our experiences and can help ensure successful packing and shipment.

Transporting Goods From Asia

Many foods and manufactured goods are exported across the Pacific, but the sheer size of this ocean presents its logistical challenges. Arranging direct flights to major U.S. cities is easy, but the journey’s remaining legs can be a challenge without the right team.

Our agents work locally in many cities around the globe to facilitate transportation logistics. When challenges like typhoons or monsoon season arrive, our team’s experience helps them determine the best course of action for keeping your goods on track.

Rail, road, and air connections are subject to delays, but our teams proactively work to identify the most reliable routes and providers. This relationship-building helps get your perishables where they need to be with minimal risk of damage or spoilage.

Long-Term Food Storage

If your goods have a one-year shelf life or longer, you may need additional storage to keep your goods before you process them and send them out to customers. We can work to arrange long term storage in climate-controlled environments so your import/export company can make the arrangements it needs.

Even if you import relatively shelf-stable goods like emergency food supplies, freeze-dried foods, or food rations, you still need good storage conditions. Dehydrated foods and survival foods can be damaged by exposure to excessive heat or cold.

We look forward to building a long-term relationship with you to keep your imports flowing and your drayage moving without a hitch. Over time, we’ll get to know your needs and priorities even better, so we can provide the specific services you need.

High-Quality Customer Service

High-Quality Customer Service

Establishing a long-term food supply chain shouldn’t be a headache. Your company has enough to worry about with your everyday operations, and your communications with your freight forwarder should make your job easier, not harder.

Asiana USA is committed to providing the best customer service possible. Our team works around the clock all over the world to keep your shipments moving and provide you with updates from the origin and destination cities. We know you may have many questions about the process, so we encourage customers to keep in touch via email and phone.

We even offer total system visibility tracking and tracing to check for updates at your convenience. We know the importance of seeing your supply chain at a glance, so we have designed 21st-century systems that make your operations management easier.

Your Partner in Logistics

At Asiana USA, we keep a constant eye on the latest global logistics news so we can provide better, faster service, and have a team with decades of experience in global shipping. Our emergency preparedness allows us to have contingency plans in place for almost any situation, keeping your goods moving and avoiding loss and damage.

We pride ourselves on our full range of services and our exceptional customer service. Whether you’re a new business or have been importing or exporting for decades, you’ll find our team to be more than up to any challenge. For more information about our services or to request a quote contact us at (855) 500-1808.

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We have been dealing with the experts at Asiana USA for many years in their California and China offices. Their agents are helpful, considerate, and detail-oriented and we confidently suggest their services to any company looking for specialized logistic and shipping providers. Their agents patiently handle numerous information requests and react quickly to any questions concerning shipments we always have the impression that our business is a priority.

The courteous staff at Asiana USA is always there when you need them. They exhibit a high level of professionalism in every interaction with their clients and respond promptly to any inquiry. As a returning customer, I highly recommend the services provided by Asiana USA for anyone looking for a logistics company that is driven by efficiency and respect for the customer’s individual needs. Their endless efforts in catering to our logistics needs for the international export of our products are more than appreciated.

I enjoy working with the staff at Asiana USA because I truly feel that my company’s needs are their focus. No matter the issue or question that my team has in the logistics process, an agent at Asiana USA has the answers. They are pioneers in their field, and their expertise is evident in their efficient customer service protocol.

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