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With Asiana USA Shipping From China To Amazon FBA Is Easy!

Does Shipping from China to Amazon FBA give you a headache? Tired of the complications? With Asiana USA, we offer you a complete Amazon shipping solution from sourcing to delivery.

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Why Choose Asiana USA?

The choice is simple, Asiana USA has the expertise to help you source and import wholesale products from China directly to the Amazon Fulfillment Warehouses located all around the world. We are experts at Amazon Fulfillment.

Our solution is simple. We make shipping from China to Amazon FBA easy by offering a complete solution that helps you source products, ship freight, pay duties, clear customs and deliver to the Amazon fulfillment warehouse. We do all the work.

Our Services

Source Products From China

Looking for products? Asiana USA sources the products you want directly from China at factory prices. In addition, we can also provide items with private labels and customized packages.

Shipping from China to Amazon FBA

We are your main point of contact, we take care of all the logistics-related tasks. This includes Shipment freight, paying duties, clearing customs, and deliver to the final destination. Yes, we handle all of it.

Amazon Compliant Packaging and Label

Most importantly, we provide packaging 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards. This ensures that your shipments are smooth without compliance issues.

Where We Ship?

Asiana USA ships to the US, Canada, and EU Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Focus On Selling. We Do The Rest. Import Goods To An Amazon Fulfillment Center Is Easy.

If you sell on Amazon and you buy/source products from China. Then, you need to get your order/items to an Amazon fulfillment center. First, you must import these goods legally into the country of destination. The next step, clear the customs and arrange transport to the Amazon FBA of your choosing. With Asiana USA, you can relax because we take care of all these process steps. You focus on selling and we will do the rest!


Get Your Product To Amazon Fba Fast

Asiana USA makes Sourcing and then shipping from China to Amazon FBA fast & easy. We are experts in logistics, we have the knowledge of the international logistics therefore simplifying and making this process faster. Everything is taken care of for you, we take care of logistics, customs compliance, customs clearance, and last-mile delivery to your designated FBA warehouse.

Compliance With Amazon Packaging Requirements

Compliance with Amazon can be challenging. One of the most difficult challenges of shipping from China to Amazon FBA is to make sure your supplier provides Amazon Compliant Packagings. The Amazon Packaging Requirements are very strict and ensuring compliance when speaking of a Chinese supplier is also very difficult.

We have you covered! Asiana USA guarantees the packaging is 100% compliant with Amazon FBA standards and provides the correct labeling of all your boxes. No issues and no problems.

How to buy wholesale products from China?

Get started

Fill out our lead form or call us, our team will quickly give you a custom quotation.

Select Products

Select the product you want to order. Search the items from our catalog by name, and ask for a quotation for new products by URL.

Choose The Destination

After you complete your request, simply choose a custom address and then a specific Amazon FBA location.

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