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Classification guidance

Our experts ensure you remain in trade compliance with all your goods, reducing the time you have to spend on classification.

We also ensure the classification is accurate and meets the U.S. Custom and Border Protection reasonable care compliance requirements. By doing so, we save you time and money and minimize the risk and expense of non-compliance, including possible back duties and fines.

Without proper classification guidance, an importer can fall afoul of anti-dumping statutes, licensing requirements, quotas, 201 sanctions, and more.

Furthermore, by ensuring that your goods are properly classified, you stand to benefit. For example, by knowing that you can classify your safety apparel goods as safety apparel rather than regular apparel, Asiana can help to reduce the cost of your shipment.

At Asiana USA, we are fully versed in the nuances of classification guidance and can help you reduce costs by handling the paperwork to streamline the classification process, so you don’t have to be concerned with regulation and miss out on opportunities to save.

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We have been dealing with the experts at Asiana USA for many years in their California and China offices. Their agents are helpful, considerate, and detail-oriented and we confidently suggest their services to any company looking for specialized logistic and shipping providers. Their agents patiently handle numerous information requests and react quickly to any questions concerning shipments we always have the impression that our business is a priority.

The courteous staff at Asiana USA is always there when you need them. They exhibit a high level of professionalism in every interaction with their clients and respond promptly to any inquiry. As a returning customer, I highly recommend the services provided by Asiana USA for anyone looking for a logistics company that is driven by efficiency and respect for the customer’s individual needs. Their endless efforts in catering to our logistics needs for the international export of our products are more than appreciated.

I enjoy working with the staff at Asiana USA because I truly feel that my company’s needs are their focus. No matter the issue or question that my team has in the logistics process, an agent at Asiana USA has the answers. They are pioneers in their field, and their expertise is evident in their efficient customer service protocol.

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