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When stay-at-home policies were introduced to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, warehousing and distribution services were forced to cease operations temporarily. Fortunately, quick and drastic action was taken to restart manufacturing, warehouse operations, and global distribution networks, following industry restrictions and quarantine measures. Throughout the pandemic, warehouse fulfillment centers have played a key role in meeting consumer demands and providing logistics services worldwide. Although we are progressing toward post-COVID normality, personal protective equipment (PPE)
Choosing the right shipping company can make a significant difference to your business’ bottom line. An excellent shipping service can save you a lot of money, keep your customers happy, and ensure your goods arrive on time and in good condition. However, a bad shipping company can decrease customer satisfaction with delayed delivery times, broken items, and high shipping rates. Knowing the big mistakes others make when choosing a shipping company can help you avoid
Shipping costs represent a considerable expense for most businesses. Many are constantly on the lookout for a way to reduce shipping costs without compromising on speed, customer service, and packaging. By using a shipping cost calculator, you can calculate your shipping costs accurately, helping you save money. What is a Shipping Cost Calculator? A shipping cost calculator allows you to precisely determine how much your goods will cost to ship. By seeing how each aspect
The global shipping industry experienced a year like no other in 2020. The pandemic sent shockwaves around the globe that had severe effects on world trade. Lockdowns and COVID restrictions caused manufacturing to halt in virtually every country, leading to the temporary abandonment of shipping containers and port closures. Despite the industry recovering to some extent, the repercussions from 2020 are still being felt. The ocean shipping industry is currently facing a shortage of shipping
In the world of eCommerce, international shipping is becoming a more important focus for businesses. Online sales continue to grow at an astonishing rate, with the average value of an online order now significantly higher than a domestic one. The average value for sale from a desktop computer is over $120, while the average value of a sale from a mobile device is almost $85 (in the USA). Setting distribution or shipping limitations as a
The Coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry across the globe, including the logistics sector. A rise in online shopping, border closures, increased safety checks, and shopfronts closing have altered how the logistics industry functions. Most emerging trends in 2021 for logistics companies concern the changes forced by the pandemic and how the industry can move forward as the world begins to reopen. E-Commerce Logistics Even before the pandemic, e-commerce was growing in popularity. However, with
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