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Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

Asiana USA offers a comprehensive range of warehousing and fulfillment services in each of the countries that we operate, including China, Vietnam, Bangladesh, and the USA. We support ecommerce business owners and small businesses with fulfilling orders fast and efficiently.

Ecommerce Fulfillment Centers

Fulfillment centers are a physical location that enables third-party logistics (3PL) firms to fulfill customer orders for ecommerce retailers. This frees retailers from having to manage this vital but challenging process.

Each of our ecommerce fulfillment centers is equipped to efficiently streamline the continuous flow of shipments in and out of our facilities. We effectively manage order volume, supporting internet retailers with online stores, and ecommerce platforms, to ensure orders are shipped when they need transporting.

When outsourcing fulfillment to us, we work with you to create a customized warehousing and transportation network for efficiently delivering your goods while keeping your shipping costs down.

Our order fulfillment services take care of inventory management, plus the picking, packing, and shipping of goods, which is ideal if you’re a small business owner. As your third-party logistics provider, you can expect excellent customer service from our fulfillment centers for your ecommerce store.

Warehousing Solutions

As one of the USA’s leading warehouse fulfillment companies, we support businesses with larger supply chains, where warehouses can offer temporary storage for goods, containers, pallets, and more.

We help businesses and shippers to optimize supply chains to save money and time for their customers. Temporary storage can be an excellent solution for keeping costs down and facilitating faster shipping.

You can store your shipment until the next method of transport is ready for it. This can be especially useful at international ports, where holding a shipping order is imperative.

At Asiana USA, we work with many facilities worldwide, which can store and move warehouse items quickly and easily.

Our network of movers and warehouses allows us to compare and contrast options in real-time, helping you find the best way for your shipment to travel. In addition, we have staff that can help you manage and negotiate shipping rates and other requirements worldwide, in any language.

The Difference Between Warehousing and Fulfillment Centers

The Difference Between Warehousing and Fulfillment Centers

A fulfillment warehouse is not the same as a fulfillment center. A warehouse is where inventory is stored, whereas a fulfillment center offers services other than storage.

Our fulfillment centers facilitate turning inventory over quickly, offering a pick-and-pack solution that gets orders out quickly. Items are rarely stored for more than a month. Items stored beyond this amount of time have to pay additional fees. Fulfillment centers are a short-term storage solution, whereas warehouses provide a long-term storage solution, and they’re often located outside the proximity of customers.

Fulfillment centers offer an inventory storage solution that is near to customers, enabling faster delivery, reduced time in transit, and lower shipping.

Our fulfillment centers provide a wide variety of services. These include receiving inventory, creating pick lists, picking products, packing items, labeling shipments, shipping orders, and managing returns.

Warehouses are far more static. Operationally, warehouses only add inventory or transfer it out. Very few other services are available.

Our fulfillment centers have established relationships with different companies to immediately act on consumer orders. This enables us to collect shipments daily and transport them when needed. This ensures that customers receive their items quickly.

Warehouses tend to have scheduled pickup times, which are less frequent. This is because it’s far more cost-effective to ship freight and have packages bundled together on a pallet, rather than printing individual shipping labels.

The Benefits of Warehousing

There are many benefits of using warehousing as part of your shipping process. A warehouse enables you to store goods safely and securely out of harm’s way. This reduces the risk of items getting damaged.

Warehouses enable you to effectively track your inventory and provides a centralized location for storage. With a warehouse, you can adopt a systematic approach to inventory management to monitor stock levels better.

Benefits of a Fulfillment Center

Fulfillment centers eliminate the need to store items long-term, reducing storage costs. With a number of services available, you can outsource your entire inventory management process to a fulfillment center.

Asiana USA’s fulfillment centers handle all aspects of your inventory, including the packing and distribution of orders placed by your customers. We turn around orders fast to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Global Logistics Solutions from Asiana USA

Global Logistics Solutions from Asiana USA

The shipping and receiving of goods from all over the world go through a complex network of shippers and movers and requires a lot of management and organization in order for everything to reach the right place.

At Asiana USA, we are in the business of international shipping and logistics, and work with warehouses, truckers, freight shippers, and customs departments worldwide to ship transport, and store goods of all kinds.

We have a huge network of connections that can facilitate the storage of your shipped items anywhere in the world. Asiana USA has people on the ground that can coordinate the safe storage of items in warehouses of fulfillment centers.

Asiana USA works with you to add value to your supply chain, taking care of shipping, storage, and distribution so you can focus on growing your business. Logistics can be challenging, and managing a fulfillment center or warehouse as part of the process creates further complexities.

We’re here to help handle operations, offering a vast amount of experience in making supply chains more productive and efficient. At the center of our services is effective communication. We partner with you to develop a strategy that’s specific to the needs of your business.

Our modern warehouse and fulfillment centers utilize the latest technologies. This enables us to document every part of the fulfillment process in real-time. You will know what inventory you have available, without ever needing to be present.

This connection means every customer order received by a warehouse or fulfillment center can be picked, packed, and distributed. Meanwhile, everything can be tracked so you and your customers are never left in the dark concerning the status of an order.

Our fulfillment services free you from having to manage the operational aspects of your business. Instead, you can focus on the strategic aspects that help you drive business growth. Outsourcing your fulfillment requirements is a practical solution for improving your supply chain and increasing customer satisfaction.

Partner with Asiana USA

At Asiana USA, we are committed to finding supply solutions that work best for your business model. Whether you need to build or optimize your business to a fulfillment center-based model or looking to warehouse a shipment, we can help you find the right solution.

Our extended global network lets us find warehousing and shipping options around the world. Our professional staff is ready to assist you with any warehousing and fulfillment services you may need. Whether it’s ecommerce, dropshipping, or shipping large cargo and finding storage, we can help. Call Asiana USA at (855) 500-1808 to speak with a team member or to request a quote.


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We have been dealing with the experts at Asiana USA for many years in their California and China offices. Their agents are helpful, considerate, and detail-oriented and we confidently suggest their services to any company looking for specialized logistic and shipping providers. Their agents patiently handle numerous information requests and react quickly to any questions concerning shipments we always have the impression that our business is a priority.

The courteous staff at Asiana USA is always there when you need them. They exhibit a high level of professionalism in every interaction with their clients and respond promptly to any inquiry. As a returning customer, I highly recommend the services provided by Asiana USA for anyone looking for a logistics company that is driven by efficiency and respect for the customer’s individual needs. Their endless efforts in catering to our logistics needs for the international export of our products are more than appreciated.

I enjoy working with the staff at Asiana USA because I truly feel that my company’s needs are their focus. No matter the issue or question that my team has in the logistics process, an agent at Asiana USA has the answers. They are pioneers in their field, and their expertise is evident in their efficient customer service protocol.

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