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Container drayage is ideal for transporting goods over short distances as part of an intermodal shipping process. Intermodal shipping is a type of freight transportation that allows goods to be moved using special containers. These containers can be transferred to rail carriages or airplane cargo holds without the need to repack.

The Role of Intermodal Trucking in Container Drayage

Intermodal trucking plays a key role in container drayage and the wider intermodal shipping process, which typically involves:

  • The arrival of cargo on an overseas vessel
  • Shipping containers being transferred onto a rail car from a US port of entry
  • The shipment being loaded onto a truck for transportation to its final destination

Intermodal trucking is often the first or last leg of a shipment’s journey to its final destination and is crucial for the safe and timely arrival of cargo.

Intermodal shipping services are designed to identify the best possible supply chain solution to ensure maximum value for customers. The intermodal trucking process offers import-export companies a flexible solution for shipping freight, including:

  • Access to different modes of transport across North America
  • Cargo can be transported by different vehicles
  • Final destinations can be easily reached when intermodal trucking is part of the process
  • Shipping deadlines can be accommodated and easily met as part of intermodal transportation services

Benefits of Intermodal Drayage

Intermodal drayage services come with many benefits, including direct access to several modes of transport, competitive rates for long-haul transit, cost savings on shipping and alternative capacity.

Container drayage that includes intermodal trucking comes with additional advantages. For example, if you’re shipping food items, temperature-controlled intermodal trucking services are available.

Intermodal trucking is accessible almost everywhere, and it’s not dependent on port location or railroads. Intermodal truck drivers can be found in most major cities, too.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, cargo that’s hauled by intermodal trucking over 1,000 miles occurs nearly 800,000 times a year.

The Reliability of Intermodal Services

Port Logistics

Intermodal services are a reliable way to ship goods because they offer set scheduling plans for transporting cargo using rail, planes and trucks to keep the supply chain process smooth. In all the major markets, there are inbound and outbound intermodal services available.

Intermodal trucking is a reliable transportation solution in many ways, including:

  • Cargo remains in the same container for the duration of its journey, reducing the risk of damage to items by switching between containers.
  • A significant reduction in losses, theft and damages because cargo does not need to be handled.
  • Highly secure, with cargo closely monitored at rail depots, air terminals and ports.
  • More loads transported in less time.

Choose Asiana USA for Container Drayage and Intermodal Trucking

Asiana works with local drayage companies all over the world for a fast, efficient way to transport your goods safely and securely. We use intermodal trucking as part of our drayage services, offering competitive rates and timely transportation of your cargo to its final destination.

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