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Customs Bond

Insufficient Customs Bonds
What Is A Customs Bond? A customs bond is a contract made between three parties, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), the importer, and the surety company. An importer will take out a bond from a surety company, who guarantees the CBP will be paid imported duty, taxes, and fees. When Do I Need One? You will need a customs bond if you are importing goods valued at over $2,500. In addition, you will
US Customs Bond
Moving goods around the world can be a task with a lot of steps and logistics. However, when importing and exporting goods in and out of the United States, you will need customs surety bonds. We’ll look into what is a US customs bond, when you need it and how to obtain one. Customs bonds are used anytime you want to import goods, or move imported goods through the United States. A surety licensed bondsman
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