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Container Shipping

The shipping industry is sensitive to the changing circumstances of the global market as much as any other sector. Market conditions and economic growth influence how shipping has changed and will evolve in the future. If a shipping company does not adapt to the global trends, it will find itself behind, and its logistics chain will suffer. Free trade is the idea behind all global shipping, and although this is a perennial foundation, the industry
Store Furniture Inside a Shipping Container
With expanding environmental regulations worldwide and increased customer and stakeholder expectations for sustainability, successful companies are adapting their operating models to not only provide reliable service at a low cost but to do so responsibly. Although container shipping is one of the most environmentally sustainable modes of transporting cargo used today, the call for improved sustainability continues. Because the industry accounts for one-third of global trade, it has a big environmental footprint. Leaders in the
Global alliances are strategic cooperation agreements between major linear shipping companies around the world. Alliances are a critical part of modern shipping. Their arrangements allow carriers to avail of economies of scale and economies of scope, which are essential components of efficiency in a cross-continental industry. By combining both physical resources and service offerings, carriers can increase revenue, extend their coverage, and experience benefits across a variety of operations. Collaboration can reduce high fixed-costs, making
Store Furniture Inside a Shipping Container
The container shipping industry involves many companies operating in various environments, attempting to move goods as cost-efficiently and as quickly as possible. The industry is a huge business and is set to grow according to consumer demand, and advances in technology are crucial to meeting customer expectations. Keeping abreast of the following global trends could help you thrive in a fast-paced environment. 1. Increases in Port Utilization There has been a substantial increase in the
Cargo container ships are the largest ships in the shipping industry, and their size is about to get even larger. With the completion of the $5.25 billion Panama Canal Expansion project in 2016, it made way for New Panamax ships with are almost two times larger than the prior Post-Panamax Plus container ships. As a result of this expansion, more shipping ports around the United States and the world need to be dredged, and bridges
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