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When choosing a cargo transportation method, you need to know how drayage, ocean, or air transportation can affect delivery time, security, and cost. In the modern business world, customers expect their products to arrive quickly, without damage, and at a reasonable price.

When using air freight, you can meet your customer’s requirements, while also maintaining a cost-effective price point that can contribute to receiving repeat business. As with any delivery method, consistency and predictability are crucial elements, and air freight is one of the most dependable transportation methods available.

Although there are other excellent methods of getting your goods from one location to another, there are several excellent reasons why air freight transportation may be the most suitable method.

1. Speed of Transportation

Air freight is the fastest way of moving cargo, particularly if it requires long-distance travel. While drayage can be unpredictable due to unfavorable conditions, and ocean swells can make transportation by ship dangerous and prone to supply chain delays, air freight is a relatively stable option.

Using air freight services to deliver perishable goods can see them moved quickly to a customer within a matter of hours.

2. Network of Destinations

Not relying on a coastline as with sea freight, or on road networks, planes can reach virtually every destination in the world. Flying above congested transportation areas enables them to reach challenging delivery points that other modes of transportation cannot access.

3. Cost-effective Transportation

Longer and less reliable the shipping methods lead to cost-prohibitive insurance premiums. However, air cargo transportation takes significantly less time than other shipping modes, and goods are not subject to the same dangers so you can expect lower insurance payments. By lowering insurance costs, you can offer better deals to your valuable customers.

Although air freight shipments can be more expensive, the money saved on insurance can mitigate some of the costs associated with shipping by air.

4. Benefit from Airport Security Measures

An airport is one of the most tightly-regulated facilities in the world. By utilizing air freight transportation, you can benefit from these strict security methods that reduce the risk of theft from the moment your goods enter the facility, throughout the flight, and upon arrival in the destination airport.

5. Reduced Packaging

While it is an extremely safe method of moving even fragile goods, it is common to find that air freight requires less packaging than other transportation methods to reduce the weight limit. Therefore, this is both cost-effective and more efficient than other shipping methods, especially for volume shipments.

6. Reduced Storage Requirements

Due to the speed of transporting cargo by air freight, there is less for warehousing. The quick clearance procedures of customs officers enable them to inspect and approve goods for transportation at a fraction of the time of some other delivery systems.

Air Freight

7. Highly Reliable Service

Airfreight shipments can offer reliability as airport regulations operate on strict timetables. Even if you are moving high volumes of goods regularly, air freight can help you to stay on schedule.

Last Word

Each mode of shipping goods comes with its unique advantages. However, for speed of delivery and the security of reliability, air freight is an excellent choice.

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