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When shipping your products or cargo around the world, you may opt to use air as a method of transport. Air freight is by far the quickest way to transport something from one place to another. While most freight and cargo shipping is done via sea or rail, air freight provides a time-sensitive shipping solution for door to door transport.

Air freight shipping has a lot of advantages, mostly lower transit times for cargo. It will likely be the least cost-effective solution and will naturally impose some cargo size limitations. While moving a 20-foot shipping container may work with a ship, an air freight shipment works differently.

You can quickly understand what options for time-sensitive global air cargo will work best for you. Whether you are shipping within the United States or internationally, it is important to know these air freight service details. Choosing an air freight service that suits you will depend on package size, shipping time, and distance.

Freight Shipping

Freight shipping refers to the movement of large quantities of goods. Most air freight shipping will classify anything heavier than 150 pounds or bigger than 108 inches by 165 inches as a freight shipment. Consider that air freight is more limited than its sea or ground alternatives and subject to higher demand. It can cost 4–5 times the price of road transport and 12–16 times that of sea transport.

Small Parcel

Small parcel shipping is what most consumers and retailers are familiar with. Most packages under 150 pounds can be moved via small parcel shipping. Parcels are not shipped on pallets on containers, but rather packaged and moved individually. Many small and medium businesses rely on this time of shipping for their supply chain.

There are many local, national, and international small parcel shippers to choose from, and all offer competitive pricing and great customer service. If your package has odd dimensions or a high density, it may cost more or be classified as freight. Sometimes opting to move a heavier parcel as light freight can be a lot more cost-effective for you.

International Air Freight Shipping Services

Moving cargo across the world requires a number of connected global import and export partners. In addition, when working with different international airports, air freight shipping companies must be aware of international licensing requirements, necessary paperwork and documentation, compliance with local and foreign government regulations, and international banking procedures. Asiana USA can help you manage your international shipping, and offer full range services including packing, carnets, and warehousing.

Freight Forwarding Services

Challenges Freight Forwarders are Facing Today

An interconnected shipping network relies heavily on the work of freight forwarding services. A freight forwarding service will provide a full range of service for your shipment, including the preparation of export and import documentation, booking of cargo space on the vessel, warehousing, insurance, freight consolidation, and insurance claims. It is important for your freight forwarding shipping partner to have experience and competence in all these matters, as well as established relationships with global shipping partners.

Asiana USA handles all your freight forwarding needs, demonstrating expertise and experience shipping items all over the world. A freight forwarding company does not actually ship or transport your product but will coordinate all the logistics your cargo needs to travel.

Final Thoughts

Establishing good relationships with shipping and distribution partners leads to more integrated shipping routes, lower shipping prices, and better customer service. At Asiana USA, we value our relationships around the world and work hard to build a global network. Call Asiana USA today at 855-500-1808 to get a quote for freight forwarding.

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