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Because of the high number of variables affecting shipping timelines, fast and reliable international shipping depends on experience and knowledge. Sellers must be able to deliver their goods to buyers undamaged and by the promised deadline, but without the right paperwork and contracts with carriers, products can end up seriously delayed.

Although international air freight is faster than ocean freight, your goods still need to be in the hands of a qualified and experienced freight forwarder. Freight forwarding services handle the stress and hassle of customs paperwork and global logistics.

Air vs Ocean Freight

Sellers choose air freight because it’s faster than ocean freight. In many cases, ocean freight takes over a month to move between Asia and the U.S., while air freight usually arrives at its destination in around a week.

Air freight shipments may be subject to hazardous cargo restrictions, including stricter restrictions on quantities and packaging. For most cargo, air cargo requires little to no additional paperwork and is the best way to move time-sensitive goods. Freight forwarders can help you navigate restrictions and choose a shipping route that works for your goods.

Customs and Duties

Ocean and air shipping both require customs paperwork, duties and other forms and fees depending on the goods and the route. Even sellers with years of experience may struggle to keep up with new customs brokerage policies and general import rules.

Freight forwarders can draft and submit necessary customs export and import paperwork, making sure everything is complete and accurate to avoid delays. Asiana USA can get your goods in and out of Asia and the U.S. while minimizing unnecessary fees and reroutes.

International Shipping and Air Freight Services

Dealing with Contingencies

Like any kind of shipping, international air cargo may face delays due to typhoons, monsoons, and other weather events. An experienced freight forwarder, like Asiana USA, knows how to watch the weather for potential problems, and can communicate with sellers about the best times of year to ship products.

Time-sensitive shipments may require logistical changes to keep the supply chain moving in case of delays. Freight forwarders can work with carriers and ports to implement logistics solutions and keep transit time to a minimum.

Reliable Door-to-Door Shipping

Asiana USA specializes in freight forwarding services between Asia and the United States. We can assist with every step of the shipping process, from coordinating with carriers to processing customs paperwork. Contact us at (855)-500-1808 to discuss how our customer service team can assist you with your next shipment.

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