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Storing materials and equipment for long periods of time presents different challenges to short-term storage. Dust and moisture can cause significant damage over many months to your expensive commercial equipment. It’s essential to store your property securely and to choose the best storage facility for your needs.

Much like the traditional tips for keeping your household belongings in a long-term storage facility, commercial equipment and fixtures must also be kept clean and dry.

Decide Which Items You Need to Keep

When preparing your professional equipment items for long-term storage, you may find there are tools and devices you no longer need. This is an excellent time to sell unwanted items that could help fund new purchases.

If you haven’t used a piece of equipment in the past six months or won’t require it after storage, you may find it beneficial to exclude it from your long-term plans.

Pack Items Securely

The transportation and storage process presents risks of damage and deterioration to your goods. It’s essential to thoroughly clean each surface to remove dust and dirt and ensure each piece is dry before packing your items for storage. Use furniture polish for an added layer of protection for wood furniture. Place smaller items in plastic bags to protect them from moisture, and use bubble wrap for fragile items.

It’s useful to wrap bigger boxes in bubble wrap and add foam padding for extra protection during transportation. Try to separate your equipment into smaller sections so your employees are less likely to drop more manageable items.

You may have a considerable number of storage items, and keeping an inventory list is vital for maintaining an accurate record of which items are in each box. This system makes unpacking a more streamlined and less stressful process.

Choose the Right Storage Facility and Unit

Before you rent a storage unit, it’s crucial to ensure the company offers the highest standard of care. When storing items over a long period, you need to be sure the unit is high-quality and the facility provides adequate protection from hazards such as fire, water damage, and theft. If you are storing equipment before shipping it overseas or bringing it back from overseas, working with an experienced logistics provider can help ensure you use only vetted and reliable facilities that offer superior service.

A logistics company can verify there are security checks for anyone entering the facility and that there is a sufficient number of staff or security camera measures on the premises 24/7. You can also ask to view your unit’s photos or video footage to check for signs of damage or gaps that could allow water ingress or access for pests or rodents.

The most suitable storage unit depends on price and quality. If you have the budget, an excellent option is a climate-controlled unit. These units maintain a constant temperature and prevent the accumulation of excess moisture.

A climate-controlled unit allows plenty of air circulation, preventing dust and other particles from building up that could encourage commercial equipment deterioration. It also maintains low humidity levels, preventing moisture and mold from damaging your items.

Whether you choose a standard option or a climate-controlled unit, the size is a vital consideration. The most suitable measurements allow you to store your goods without squeezing them too close together, but you should not have a lot of excess space. By choosing the right-sized container, you can ensure safe storage while simultaneously reducing costs.

Ensure There is Adequate Insurance Coverage

Because you are entrusting the protection of your goods with a storage company, their reputation and reliability are essential. If importing or exporting your commercial equipment, a logistics company can advise you on various storage facilities’ insurance coverage. You may find there is adequate protection in place, or you can opt to purchase additional insurance coverage to reduce the risk of financial loss.

Insurance Coverage

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