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Many businesses lack adequate space to store important inventory, furniture, and equipment. Although records, files, machinery, or other goods may not be required daily, they cannot be discarded. It can be difficult to find a suitable place for storing your goods.

Long-term storage units are useful for storing household items when people are moving home or spending time abroad. However, they are an equally beneficial storage solution for businesses. Whether your business is waiting on a new office space or simply doesn’t have enough room for storing items for extended periods, consider a storage facility.

The following guide contains storage tips and details on how to use a long-term storage facility successfully. From choosing the right facility to maintaining your goods’ condition, these steps will ensure you’re properly prepared.

Choose the Right Storage Facility

Not all facilities offer the same services, prices, or storage unit sizes. It’s important that you have patience when choosing a storage unit. Do your research and select the one most suited to your business’ needs.

Consider its location. How far are you and your employees willing to travel to access the unit? Will you need to visit the facility regularly? While this isn’t a major consideration for short-term storage, a convenient location is important when storing items over a long period of time.

You must also consider the opening hours of the facility. Some have limited opening times that become very restrictive if you need short-notice access to important goods. Certain facilities offer 24-hour access, which is optimal for most businesses.

Safety should also be a concern. Look for a facility that prioritizes security to ensure your goods are kept safe. A perimeter fence, good lighting, camera surveillance, and 24-hour security personnel are desirable safety features.

Price and customer ratings should be the final considerations. Find a balance between your budget and desired features before choosing the right facility.

Long Term Facility

Opt for a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Many facilities offer climate-controlled storage units. Although they are more expensive than regular units, they maintain a consistent temperature and help regulate humidity levels. This helps keep inventory such as furniture items in good condition and free of mold.

Air quality plays a big part in safe storage. Climate-controlled units circulate air regularly, keeping the atmosphere fresh. This also prevents dirt and dust from building up on your items.

While climate control isn’t always necessary when renting a storage unit, if the storage facility is in an area that experiences extreme temperatures, strongly consider this avenue.

Ensure Items are Packed Properly

You can choose the perfect facility and hire a top-range climate-controlled unit, but if your items aren’t packed properly, they’re vulnerable to damage. This is a crucial part of the process that can’t be overlooked.

Cover the floor of the unit with a canvas tarp. This helps prevent moisture from gathering on the floor and damaging your goods.

Use clean and dry sturdy boxes to pack items; the newer, the better. These are less likely to attract pests. Avoid using plastic bags as they can contribute to the buildup of moisture.

Preparing your items is also key. Clean and dry all goods before placing them in storage. This is particularly important for large appliances, such as a refrigerator.

It’s good practice to label all boxes. List what items are inside and make a note if goods are fragile. This makes finding goods fast and easy and encourages people to be vigilant when carrying breakable items.

Take Out Insurance on Stored Goods

If you’re keeping goods in storage for several years, it can be a good idea to take out insurance on your belongings. In the event of an accident or theft, you will be compensated, making the loss less severe.

Many facilities offer insurance packages, covering items up to the value of several hundred dollars. Alternatively, contact your commercial insurance company to negotiate a deal.

Take Responsibility

To ensure your goods are stored securely, you must also take responsibility for their well-being. Only share the storage unit key or access code with trusted personnel. It may also be useful to use a strong lock to give the unit added security.

Earn Some Peace of Mind

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