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For many companies, the cost of shipping can be exorbitant. Ocean freight is a popular transportation method for non-perishable goods because it meets the needs of many businesses seeking a cost-effective shipping solution. At Asiana USA your bottom line is important to us, so consider these ocean freight cost-saving strategies to economize your shipping costs.

1. Ship on Off-Peak Days

Shipping on off-peak days can significantly reduce shipping costs as no peak season surcharge (PSS) is added, so you can pass the freight savings onto your customers.

While ocean freight prices can vary according to the season, it’s possible to save by shipping on a non-priority delivery day, especially for non-perishable goods because time may not be as much of a factor.

2. Leverage Your Backhaul

After making a delivery, your company pays for a return journey out of pocket because the freighting company is not carrying any goods for their customers. However, Asiana USA can help your businesses to monetize your backhaul.

By offering a regular flow of freight, we can contact companies who may need ocean freight services to fill empty containers. Since these companies are not paying for the return journey out of pocket, they may be willing to offer discounted shipping rates which can subsidize your backhaul costs.

3. Incur Transport Costs Less Often

If your customers have underutilized warehouse storage space, they may be willing to receive their merchandise in fewer shipments. Ultimately this could reduce costs for you and your clients over the longer term.

Encourage your customers to fulfill larger orders to reduce freight costs. Using FCL as opposed to LCL means their products are handled less, and you can make the most of the dimensional weight of each container unit.

However, the one drawback to shipping using FCL is the need for increased warehouse storage space. You can bypass the added cost of warehousing by subcontracting to Asiana USA. We offer warehousing and fulfillment services as well as ocean freight forwarding.

4. Pack Goods Efficiently

New packaging techniques and custom materials, such as using concealed RFID (radio-frequency identification) codes, integrated with your goods or printed on their surfaces, and utilizing fiber-based materials, can reduce the amount of space your items require in a container. This means you can pack more units per container, potentially allowing you to utilize Full Container Load (FCL) shipping to reduce the total landed cost.

Asiana USA can provide a complete warehouse storage and order fulfillment service that offers potential savings by taking care of your goods from the point of origin until they reach their destination.

By integrating efficient logistical features, we provide door-to-door ocean freight service that saves money for you, and potentially your clients.

5. Understand Customs Procedures

Using incorrect tariff codes or misunderstanding customs valuations can cause significant monetary issues, so you must understand these elements before engaging in the transportation of goods. Should customs officials impound your merchandise, there are heavy storage costs until you can resolve the issues.

The team at Asiana USA are experts at navigating the various procedures of every country around the world. By ensuring your documentation is accurate and complete, you can avoid regulatory issues with customs officials.

6. Outsource Your Transportation Department

Most small businesses do not have the capital or resources to have a dedicated shipping department. Transportation of goods is complicated, so it is beneficial for companies to choose a partner that works in this field.

Outsourcing your shipping to a reliable freight company can reduce freight rates and make your business more profitable by allowing the freight company to absorb most of the financial and legal risks involved with transporting goods overseas.

7. Work with a Reputable Ocean Freight Forwarding Company

Ocean freighting is a complex process and a reliable, transparent freight forwarding company ensures there are no hidden costs.

Asiana USA offers a range of services in addition to ocean freight transportation, including logistics and drayage, that can help you to create an integrated supply chain management process to get your products to your consumers more efficiently and at a reduced cost to your company.

Ocean Freight Forwarding Company

In Conclusion

Although many companies think about how they can minimize their costs and maximize their profits, some do not consider the savings they could make when it comes time to transport their goods by ocean freight.

For a consultation and quote, contact Asiana USA at (855) 500-1808 to discuss how we can help you save on ocean freight costs and improve your bottom line.


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