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Moving freight by ocean freight service mode can be made easier by using pallets. This is usually a better method because you can move more cargo for supply chains and it can be done with less worry about shifting or damage, especially over long voyages on vessel operating common carriers. Here are nine steps that should lead to a safer and more secure load when using a China Ocean carrier international shipping companies to the United States, for example.

1. Choose the Right Boxes and Pack them Carefully

The first thing in any shipping line project is to choose boxes that are well made and that are a standard size. You want them to fit on the pallet evenly with no overhang. When packing, make sure the boxes are packed tightly with no air spaces that will allow for crushing or movement of the contents within. Keeping them sorted by booking number is a way to ensure your packages are safe from corner to corner.

2. Inspect the Pallet for Any Damage or Use

If you are shipping your cargo internationally, it is a requirement that you use heat-treated pallets. Always inspect the pallets for any cracked boards or pieces that may lead to a load shift during transport. A forklift truck will probably be used to lift the pallets, so make sure they are built with materials that will stand up to the constant stress.

3. Use Corner Boards for Extra Support

When stacking the boxes on the pallet it is always a good idea to place the heavier items on the bottom to prevent lighter items from getting crushed. Corner boards are just as they sound – they keep the boxes from shifting during transport.

4. Properly Label Boxes

Each box on the pallet should be labeled separately with the name of the shipper, the address of the destination and phone numbers. It is a good idea to label the boxes on two sides to make it easier for customs and handlers to be sure they have all the information they need.

5. Evenly Stack the Boxes

It is vital to stack the boxes so that each one is sitting evenly and securely on the pallet. There should be no overhang. This is why a standard box and pallet is recommended. The consistent measurements provide for easy loading and safety.

6. Use Flat Cardboard to Bind Boxes Together

This technique is not always used, but it is a proven precaution if there is any concern if the load is uneven or unstable because the type of cargo or if the shape of the containers are not of a standard size. The weight of the boxes placed on top of cardboard that is laid between them will keep the pieces of the load from shifting. Plastic film can also be used to keep loads together.

7. Use Shrink Wrap Liberally

Use shrink wrap that is at least a high quality 60-gauge wrap, and wrap it at least three times if not six. This material will secure the pallet and the cargo on it. The wrapping process is very important since pallets are moved around a lot, and any weakness in the structure or cargo arrangement can lead to the pallet breaking up or the contents becoming dislodged.

8. Use a Nylon Strap if Necessary

In some cases, it will be apparent that even though the load has been carefully placed on the pallet and the pallet has been wrapped that the trained eye will see a need for more protection. In this case, use a nylon strap to secure the load to the pallet for that extra security.

use a nylon strap

9. Know When to Use a Crate Rather than a Pallet

Not everything can be placed on a pallet. Sometimes you will have to ship a small machine or an air conditioner that will not fit easily on a pallet or may be difficult to stack with other pallets in the cargo hold. A good decision here will prove to be helpful in the long -run and will make the trip less eventful.

Final Thoughts

If there are any questions or concerns about how to prepare a pallet for an Ocean transportation voyage or to learn about the advantages and disadvantages in your load LCL, be sure to contact Asiana USA to seek advice. We are always available to assist you in finding the lowest shipping cost possible for any sea freight transit times and to use customs brokerage.

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