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Running an import and export business can be complicated. If your business includes managing the importation or exportation of goods across a global network, then you should consider using freight forwarding services.

A freight forwarder manages your company’s global logistics, and in doing so will save you money, time, and stress in the long run.

Here are a few things to know before you select the ocean freight forwarder services that are right for your company’s logistical needs.


A forwarder oversees freight transportation in your supply chain. An experienced forwarder understands what needs to happen to make the shipping process go smoothly.

If your cargo is imported or exported via ocean transportation, port delays and other weather hindrances may occur. An experienced ocean freight forwarder will know what to expect and how to handle any issue that might arise.

Your freight forwarder should be adept at dealing with:

  • International import/export documentation
  • Customs
  • Insurance
  • Packaging
  • Cargo management
  • Storage


For international importing and exporting, a freight forwarder needs connections in both the shipment’s country of origin and its destination.

An experienced freight forwarder has connections with customs brokerages and other border agents to ensure a seamless transition between one phase of the journey and the next.

You wouldn’t want your common carrier to show up at a port with full container loads only for the port to deny it entry. A freight forwarder can help avoid these kinds of costly situations.


A freight forwarder has to have experience running supply lines on a global level to acquire a secure network. Choose a freight forwarder that knows the stages of freight forwarding and the documents that accompany those stages. They should also be aware of the ICC’s Incoterms, and updates the ICC has made to those terms.

Customer Service

The last aspect to consider before choosing a freight forwarder is how the company treats its clients. Check online reviews and call references and most importantly, evaluate your communication with your potential forwarder.

The forwarder you choose represents your company during your cargo’s transatlantic journey. Your forwarder also represents the values of your company, so you must choose wisely.

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Final Thoughts

Asiana USA can reliably manage your supply line, from shipping to customs to storage. Asiana USA’s professional and knowledgeable staff handles the logistics when you ship internationally. Contact us at info@asianausa.com or call us at (323)-250-9407 to request a quote.

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