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The paperwork, processes, and regulations involved in shipping your products can seem daunting for people new to international trade. Luckily, it’s possible to import and export goods without becoming involved in the hassle and stress of the international shipping part of your business.

Freight forwarding companies can take care of these responsibilities on your behalf. While paying a freight forwarding company for top-tier services may seem an unnecessary additional cost, freight forwarders offer a wide range of services and can help you save money by ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of your goods.

What Services Do Freight Forwarders Provide?

Freight forwarders are not distributors, shipping companies, importers, or exporters, yet they take on some of the responsibilities associated with all these transportation services.

A freight forwarder acts as a middle-man between the various transportation services involved in the journey. Many transportation companies use air freight, road, rail, and ocean shipping to transport goods from their origin to their final destination.

It is the freight forwarder’s job to use their established relationships with these companies to plan the most efficient route for your goods at the best possible price. They also handle all the paperwork required to export products and for customs clearance in the destination port.

How Do Freight Forwarders Help Businesses Save Money?

International shipping requires clear communication between several transportation companies involved in the supply chain. There can be delays if a vehicle breaks down, queues at a port, or if the weather prevents safe travel. A breakdown in one aspect of the chain can mean your goods are in limbo while the rest of the transportation chain continues on.

A well-established freight forwarding service such as Asiana USA has strong relationships with several ocean liners, air carriers, and drayage services. We can use these contacts to keep your goods on the move. This ability to leverage many transportation methods can keep your costs down and ensure your products reach your customers promptly.

Finding the quickest routes is only one aspect of the freight shipping industry; customs documentation can be complicated and is essential for international shipping routes. If there is even a minor error or omission, customs officers can seize your goods.

Customs documentation errors result in ongoing charges associated with storing your goods until you resolve the problem, and they cause delays in delivering products to your customers. Bills of lading, insurance certificates, packing lists, certificates of origin, and commercial invoices are all necessary to clear customs.

Freight forwarders have in-depth knowledge of the customs clearance process. They ensure your goods are eligible for passage at export and import ports, ultimately saving you unnecessary stress and money.

Do I Need a Freight Forwarder?

Any business can arrange their imports and exports without external help. However, going without a freight forwarder is unusual, as it often increases costs rather than reducing them.

Many companies have tried to plan product transportation without professional help. They have found liaising with various transportation companies, completing the customs documentation, and resolving the issues that can occur in the supply chain requires too much time and external expert knowledge to be practical.

A reliable freight forwarder can arrange to take your factory’s goods to the destination point, and at Asiana USA we even provide warehouse and fulfillment services. We take care of inventory management and become an integral part of your distribution service.

Many companies delegate storage and distribution solutions to a freight forwarder so they can focus on production and improve their product range.

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In Sum

Freight forwarders work with various transportation services and manage import and export documentation required for international shipping routes. By acting as a middle-man with shipping companies and customs officials, freight forwarding companies in the USA can help you receive the most efficient and cost-effective transportation services.

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