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Freight forwarding solutions should be efficient and reliable to avoid causing disruption to your supply chain. When choosing an international shipping service, look for a company that gives you a full suite of options for your imports and exports. Those options should include shipping by sea and shipping by air.

5 Advantages of Shipping by Ocean

Shipping by ocean is a tried-and-true method of getting your products around the globe, and it comes with advantages over the newer method of shipping by air.

1. Economical

A cargo ship or ocean carrier is an economical way to transport international shipments. Sea freight shipping is typically four to six times less expensive than air cargo prices. This method offers a better freight rate and makes goods cheaper to ship than fly.

2. Efficient

Shipping by sea is highly efficient and can accommodate all your freight forwarding needs. Smaller shipments can be combined with other cargo to fill a container, allowing you to reduce the cost of shipping services. Larger cargo that fills a container offers international shippers several bulk options.

A sea vessel is an ideal way to transport high cargo volumes because they’re designed for large loads. Ships are getting faster too, cutting transportation times so you can meet deadlines more effectively.

3. Accommodating

Ocean carriers can transport oversized, heavy, bulky, and irregular-sized cargo. This cargo is known in the industry as breakbulk or not-in-trailer (NIT) loads. This can include vehicles, heavy machinery, and more. In most cases, such cargo is too heavy to transport as an air shipment or by road.

4. Safe

Ships are arguably better suited for transporting hazardous materials and fragile cargo than other transportation methods. Ships are getting quicker but will never be as fast as air travel; sometimes a gentler pace of transport can better protect cargo.

Cargo aboard a ship tends to be more secure, too, because often it’s stored in containers that are sealed and locked.

5. Reduced Carbon Footprint

The largest difference between air and ocean freight transportation is that shipping by sea leaves a smaller carbon footprint. For each ton of cargo transported, ocean carriers produce fewer carbon emissions. As technology advances, the carbon emissions from ocean carriers will continue to reduce.

5 Advantages of Shipping by Air

Air cargo provides suppliers another way of transporting their products. Because of the advantages to this type of shipment, shipping by air is a popular way of delivering goods.

1. Speed

Perhaps the most obvious advantage compared to shipping by sea is the speed of transportation. When you need your cargo to get somewhere quickly, air freight is the fastest solution.

2. Lower insurance premiums

With speed comes lower insurance premiums. Shipping air freight requires less time in transit, resulting in lower insurance costs for international shippers.

3. Less packaging

Compared to ocean shipments, air freight often requires less packaging, which helps to cut costs and save international shippers time on sourcing an appropriate packaging solution.

4. Ship anywhere in the world

If you need to ship cargo to a remote destination, it may be inaccessible by sea, road, or rail. With air freight, you can transport goods almost anywhere in the world.

5. Tracking

Air shipments are easy to track, as you can access a flight number and get real time updates on when an airplane takes off and lands. From departure to arrival, you can monitor the progress of your shipment.

Choosing Between Air and Ocean International Freight Forwarding

ocean freight forwarder

Cost and time are typically the two most decisive factors when deciding between air or ocean for international freight forwarding.

Price wise, shipping has a lower chargeable weight fee. Airplane capacity is limited by weight, and, therefore, air freight can be up to 18 times more expensive than ocean freight.

However, air freight is faster and can access more destinations in the world, which increases your business opportunities.

You don’t have to make this decision alone. Freight forwarding companies can recommend the best way to ship your goods depending on the cargo you need to transport, deadlines you need to meet, and the destination your shipment needs to get to.

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