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In the realm of international trade, you may need to choose between air and ocean freight services. If you are in the business and need to decide whether to make sea freight shipments or air shipments, here are some things to consider.


Shipping by air is faster than shipping by sea, that’s a fact. So if you need something somewhere quickly, ship by air. However, ships are getting faster, and, in most cases, shipping by sea is cheaper than shipping in the air.

When you’re optimizing your supply line, consider your options when choosing your method of transportation. Shipping on the ocean will take weeks to a month, whereas shipping by air will have your goods at their destination in a few days.

An experienced freight forwarding service can give you advice and suggestions as to which service is best for your supply chain.


When you’re in the business of shipping internationally, you want to be on schedule. Delays are inevitable, but, as a business owner, you want to have as few as possible.

Very generally, shipping by air is more reliable than shipping by sea. Most delays in air travel and transportation are due to weather-related incidents in larger cities.

If you’re shipping by sea, your cargo ship could miss the cut-off at a seaport, resulting in a long delay.

When you’re looking for logistics solutions for your company, you need to factor in reliability.


If you’re running a business, you undoubtedly have a budget. If you’re dealing with international shipments, one of the items on your budget will be freight transportation.

Generally, you will hear that freight shipping by air is much more expensive than shipping on an ocean carrier because of the size and chargeable weight of shipments.

When you’re calculating your transportations costs, you should also take into consideration any destination or customs clearance fees involved with ocean transportation.

Environmental Impact

The last factor a business owner needs to consider is that of environmental impact. Climate change and resource costs are all over the news. To be as green as you can be, consider the environmental cost of your shipping method.

The decision of whether or not one method of transport is environmentally better than another is still up for debate. On the surface, ocean shipping’s carbon footprint is much smaller than air shipping due to its lesser use of fossil fuels. However, oil spills and other ecosystem disturbances that cargo ships cause also damage the environment.

It is up to you as a 21st-century business owner to make the best decision for your business and the environment.

The Takeaway

At Asiana USA, we provide air and ocean transport for your supply line. Asiana USA’s highly professional staff can answer all your transport-related questions. Contact us today at Asiana.com or call 855-500-1808 for an estimate.

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