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The global logistics supply chain depends on a large number of connected international shipping partners working in tandem to move goods across the world. The United States and China play a large role in the global network of international freight. Many common, industrial, and manufactured goods originate, pass through, or arrive at one of these destinations, making them both large players in the global supply chain.

Freight forwarding will also take place at both of these locations. Both international air and ocean freight will get loaded and reloaded onto different carriers. Products and shipments from China to the United States make up a significant percentage of the yearly global imports, totaling over $500 billion in 2018.

In recent months, China and the United States have been at a trade war, affecting tariffs, transit times, and customs practices across the globe. As your trusted shipping partner, Asiana USA is committed to keeping you updated and informed and provides the best customer service when it comes to dealing with supply chain disruptions.

Customs Clearance

International trade depends largely on the rules and regulations of the different customs brokerages and ports involved in international shipping as much as the vessels and vehicles that carry the cargo. Shipments must be consistent, timely, and properly accounted for in order for this global network to function efficiently.

At AsianaUSA, we offer worldwide freight forwarder and global shipping services to and from the main ports of the world. We have experience working with customs globally and will provide the right support at foreign ports.

Trade Tariffs

China’s trade tariffs have increased in recent years, affecting global shipping as a whole. China’s economy depends largely on exports and the United States is a primary importer. The ongoing trade war has slowed down shipping as a result and is expected to continue as China and the United States amend their trade agreements.



The now global pandemic of the coronavirus has also hit the shipping industry hard. In an effort to contain the coronavirus, factories and ports across China have been shut down, putting a halt on many shipping operations. Dozens of ships currently are sitting at Chinese ports with thousands of containers caught in shipping limbo. As shipping partners move to mitigate this standstill, much of the outcome depends on how quickly the coronavirus can be treated and contained.

While most people are optimistic that this is a temporary set-back, shipping services are expected that heavy delays will be faced for March and possibly several more months. At Asiana USA, we are committed to working with our customers to provide feedback and solutions as governments work in tandem to resolve the issues they are facing.

The Takeaway

China is a main player in global trade, and the recent circumstances regarding trade tariffs and the spread of coronavirus, has affected the industry heavily. Shifts in trade laws occur frequently, but with both occurring simultaneously, freight forwarding has been affected heavily. Call Asiana USA at (323)-250-9407 for any shipping inquiries.

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