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Most small business owners rely on UPS, FedEx, or USPS (United States Postal Service) to ship their products to their customers. However, there are other companies known as freight brokers who can also ship packages for small businesses and possibly remove the stress of handling all of the shipping and handling. A freight broker agent skilled at working with small business owners can often save a business valuable time and money.

Although the role of the freight broker is usually seen as benefiting only the larger manufacturers and shippers, the skills and the practices of the freight broker, if applied correctly to the small business market, can be very helpful. These proven steps to successful shipping can ensure efficiency and add a dimension of professionalism to the small business environment.

The Basics of Shipping in a Small Business

There are a few things to consider when choosing how to ship products and these questions need to be answered before you choose a traditional shipper like the USPS or you branch out and choose a larger shipper who can handle your business shipping like Asiana USA. These concerns are common to any manufacturer/shipper relationships and can lead to productive use of the shipping industry.

Consider Your Volume

The first thing to note is the volume of the shipping that you expect to include in the package. It can be from one to a hundred packages, and although the low numbers seem to be too low, a professional freight broker agent can quote you a rate on any number of packages.

The underlying concern here is having to worry about placing the product in the box and making the necessary decisions to get it on a truck and started to its destination. The freight shipper can handle all these steps, and all the small business owner has to do is place the product on the shipping platform ready to go. Volume does not have to be an issue when working with a freight agent.

Weight Can Determine the Price

The shipping weight of a package will also sometimes determine the price for shipping as well as the time it takes to have the package delivered. If, as a small business owner, you do not have access to a scale and all of the pricing information to determine the total cost of the shipment, then it is possible that shipping can cost you more than your bottom line can support.

A freight agent can take that worry off your plate and quote you a shipping rate that covers all the unexpected weight issues and ensures on-time delivery regardless of the weight. Although savings are not guaranteed if you use a freight agent, there may be a worthwhile advantage to making sure your packages are delivered on time. The small business owner has to evaluate cost and performance for every aspect of the business.

Priority Shipping

Priority shipping may not be available with a traditional carrier, but with a freight agent, you can access a service that allows you to ship quickly and possibly at a lower cost depending on your agreement with the freight broker agent. Here again, it is a benefit that not all small businesses have because they have not considered how an arrangement with an independent shipper may offer you added professionalism that places you above your competitors.

Final Thoughts

Small business owners sometimes see themselves as minor players in the product distribution process, and they choose traditional and less efficient ways to ship their products. A consultation with a larger shipper who employs a freight agent may provide opportunities to the small business owner that reduces the overall cost of shipping and at the same time adds efficiency and a higher level of customer satisfaction.

The freight agents at Asiana USA can you advise on how this freight carrier approach might work for your supply chain business. Contact us today at asianausa.com or call us at 855-500-1808 for a consultation.

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