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An experienced freight broker agent can help ensure the safe and efficient transportation and delivery of your merchandise. There are many practical considerations and substantial paperwork to complete when transporting cargo, and an independent freight agent with years of experience can make the process stress-free.

Shippers and carriers have to contend with many elements, and delays can occur at the worst possible moment. Many are independent contractors and have no connection with the other people in the distribution chain. A freight brokerage establishes solid relationships with all the companies and individuals involved in the delivery chain.

Ensuring communication is consistent and detailed is the basis for keeping delivery on schedule, and is essential for practical problem-solving should an issue arise. During transportation, freight can get lost, delayed, or even confiscated by customs. As a shipping customer, your freight broker agent can provide excellent customer service and resolve them on your behalf.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates freight brokerages, so you can be confident they look after your best interests. The brokerage provides a surety bond, protecting your investment when you agree to a freight agent contract. While getting your goods to their destination is crucial, they also need to get the most cost-effective price to maximize your profit.

What a Freight Broker Agent Does for You

A shipper calls the broker to initiate the transportation of their goods. The freight agent (3PL) confirms that the shipping documentation is correct and that both buyer and seller are satisfied with the cargo to be delivered. Larger companies can use Electronic Data Integration (EDI) to ensure all the information is correct and lessen the chance of an error.

The freight agent then moves to schedule the transportation of your goods. More established brokerages have a reliable network of drivers. Having a strong relationship with drivers is essential because they are more likely to be there on time and charge a fair rate. Using a load board, they can find the best price for you on the day, potentially saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Smaller agents, some of whom work from home or in an office, may not have these relationships, and it could cost you money or even lead to issues during transportation. If a larger company runs into problems, they can call another driver on their list, minimizing delays and maximizing your profit and customer satisfaction.

Asiana USA uses the latest technology to ensure your shipment is smooth and accurate. By maintaining close contact with the driver throughout loading, we confirm that the right contents are going to the correct destination.

While the goods are in transit, our agents communicate directly with the driver, ensuring the delivery schedule is on time. Upon arrival at the destination, our agent confirms the goods have arrived undamaged and that the receiver confirms acceptance of the merchandise. This process is vital before the driver leaves the goods to ensure all parties are satisfied.

Invoicing for the service is the last stage in the process, and our experienced freight agents ensure all the paperwork is accurate and complete, reducing the chances of delayed payment.

Freight Broker Agent

Final Word

There is no obligation to use a freight broker when transporting merchandise. However, it can quickly become more expensive and cause considerable stress to undergo this process alone.

A trusted freight broker agent has the most up-to-date technology and a network of qualified professionals at their disposal. Their expertise and experience are crucial for achieving the quickest delivery time at the best price.

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