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The position of a freight broker is a person who coordinates the transportation of goods and is actually the middleman between the trucker and the company in need of shipping their products.

A freight broker agent is employed by the freight carrier broker and usually is an independent agent who is paid by commission allotting some percentage to the broker of a supply chain. The job of a freight broker is an essential one because they ensure customers find good truck drivers, and that the truck drivers make more money because the trucks are fully loaded.

In the United States, approximately 5.9 million commercial truck drivers operate every year, and many use the services of a freight broker agent to make sure they have consistent work traveling to and from a destination. It is the responsibility of the broker to provide accurate scheduling for the trip as well as information as to loading and unloading cargo.

From the shipper’s end, the broker must also find the best price for the service and monitor the drivers to see that goods are delivered on time and are not damaged. With this large responsibility, mistakes can happen.

What to Avoid as a Freight Broker?


The freight agent depends on his reputation to attract a network of quality truck drivers who he can call to transport goods for his customers. This reputation is built by maintaining a transparent relationship with shippers and drivers that lets them know you understand the trucking business, and that you assign jobs based on the type of goods that need to be shipped and match that with the kind of truck or equipment necessary to do the job efficiently and at the best price.

The freight broker business should avoid making promises that he cannot keep. This type of misrepresentation will undermine his credibility, and potential drivers and shippers will keep their distance.

High Overhead

Many freight brokers and their agents start their businesses working out of their homes. This job can easily be done with a workspace and a computer with the appropriate software. The problems with company start-ups grow as they expand too quickly by renting office space, hiring receptionist help, and taking on accountants and bookkeepers.

Although all these support services are important, sometimes there are ways to have the same support without all of the extra expenses. A freight broker agent should carefully evaluate his income through accurate budgeting and record-keeping before he undertakes added expenses that will affect his bottom line.


In the world of shipping and transporting goods, there is a great deal of competition for consistent business. Sometimes a successful freight broker agent who is good at his job fails to look beyond the systems and procedures he has put in place to evaluate why some things are working and why some things do not work so well.

The thing to avoid in this case is to look for creative ways to make it better. There will always be someone who can do things differently and maybe better. The successful broker will always look to improve.

At Asiana USA, we keep abreast of all the latest developments in the shipping industry to make sure our customers get the best service possible.

Final Word

A freight broker agent works in a very competitive environment where accuracy and communication are key. Even though there are millions of trucks on the road each day, it is a successful broker who maintains credibility and consistency in carrying out his responsibilities to drivers and shippers.

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