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Shipping freight internationally requires moving goods between warehouses, intermodal terminals, ports, and more. Every step in the process has unique logistical needs, even if it’s just a truckload of goods from a port to a rail yard.

The term drayage refers to the movement of goods between ocean ports and warehouses or rail hubs. Drayage covers short distances and can be useful for large companies that need goods moved to a warehouse for further processing and distribution.

Drayage is part of a longer route in domestic or international shipping. However, drayage service is a specialized industry that can meet demanding scheduling challenges when managed by an experienced team.

What is Drayage?

The history of drayage originates in dray carts, which were used for the transporting of goods from docks to larger wagons or trains. Instead of dray horses, modern shipping uses trucks to move goods to the next stop on their route.

Intermodal drayage requires coordination between different carriers. To make drayage easier and cheaper, many freight lines use intermodal units, which are specialized containers designed for easy transfer between ships and trucks.

Complexities of Drayage Shipping

Although intermodal freight in North America is generally reliable, carriers must be able to adapt to changing conditions, including port delays. Once a port gets backed up or faces other delays due to problems like COVID-19, drayage trucks must be available to move goods fast and hopefully make up for the lost time.

Reputable and experienced drayage providers have online tracking services and other information ready for customers to access any time. These features make it easy for buyers and sellers to stay up-to-date and plan the rest of their supply chain logistics accordingly.

Reliable Drayage Providers

Drayage isn’t as simple as calling a truck to a port. Because of the 24/7 nature of shipping, drayage services must have a reliable team that can work quickly to get the job done. Drayage services companies know the ins and outs of drayage routes, port logistics, and other factors that impact short distance truck transportation.

Asiana USA provides a number of global logistics services, including drayage. We are experienced in dealing with the challenges of international shipping and can help cover the last mile between the port and your warehouse or intermodal hub. Contact us today at (855)-500-1808 for more information and a freight quote.

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