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Ocean freight is a reliable and affordable way to import and export goods, ocean carriers can only move shipment so far. After a container has arrived at port, the next step is for port drayage services to move the containers to a warehouse or intermodal terminal a short distance away.

Although short-haul freight may seem simple at first glance, the special term drayage is used because this short distance presents unique challenges. The drayage process requires trucks to be able to adapt to changing conditions and load and unload containers quickly.

Intermodal Drayage Process

When containers arrive at ocean ports, the port usually requires storage fees, especially if the container stays for more than a few days. It’s in companies’ best interests to get a container moving as soon as it’s through customs, even if the shipment itself isn’t urgent.

A drayage truck can pick up a container and move it to a rail terminal or other hub, usually in the same metropolitan area as the port. Unlike regional or national shipping, drayage transport is completed in a single driver shift and is not usually intended to move the product to its final destination.

The massive size of the United States and North America requires international companies to have numerous warehouses around the continent. Even in the face of crises like COVID-19, the drayage and logistics industry has risen to the challenge.

Drayage Costs

Drayage usually requires coordination with small, local trucking companies. While these companies usually charge competitive rates, they may require some negotiation and bulk deals in order for senders to get the best deal.

Specialized national drayage companies like Asiana USA work with local trucking companies to secure the best rates for drayage. This way, senders can rest assured that their goods are being transported by vetted and reputable companies.

International shipping

Flexibility for Manufacturers

Drayage services are also useful for rail to port transfers for exports, as well as shuttling goods between factories and warehouses in the same city. The short-distance limits of drayage services typically make them cheaper than regional transport companies, which have different logistical needs.

Having a reliable drayage manufacturer can allow your company to focus on its core operations, instead of worrying about logistics and maintenance every day. Keeping trucks moving requires a number of safety, logistical, and hiring considerations. These tasks are best left to specialists who can get the job done efficiently.

Setting a New Standard in Drayage

Drayage may be part of a longer freight route, but it is a crucial step. Any problems with drayage can disrupt an entire supply chain, especially for time-sensitive and perishable shipments. Carriers and importers need to team up with a reliable and knowledgeable drayage provider to move goods as quickly as possible.

Asiana USA provides port drayage services in the United States and has extensive experience in transporting goods all the way across the Pacific Ocean. Contact us today at (855)-500-1808 for more information about our services, including freight forwarding, logistics, and more.

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