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Customs clearance agents work with multinational corporations, private individuals, and every size of business in between. Their work involves daily multi-tasking, and a simple mistake could have disastrous consequences for their clients.

Because a reliable customs clearance agent performs such a range of activities to ensure the smooth processing of goods, they require some core qualities to perform their job.

Here are a few traits to look out for when choosing a customs clearance agent to serve your business needs.

Honesty is Crucial

A good customs broker must be honest. International trade can be a complicated process, and your goods can be in transit for a long time. When they reach port, you need to be confident your customs broker has all the required documentation ready. If there are potential delays, they need to be honest enough to tell you a realistic timeline for your delivery.

Customer satisfaction is vital for any business, and it could be damaging if a customs broker hides information that prevents you from keeping your clients up-to-date.

Attention to Detail

Customs clearance agents work with enormous amounts of documentation, and each page must contain the correct information. If paperwork is incomplete or has errors, officials could keep your goods in port until you resolve the issue. Customs brokers can identify important details quickly and ensure they are ready for inspection.

Problem Solving Skills

Because a customs clearance agent works with numerous partners during each transaction, they can run into unexpected problems during customs clearance. A delay with one shipment could have a knock-on effect which causes a host of costly delays.

However, a good customs broker has strong relationships with many partners, enabling them to find quick solutions to avoid unnecessary issues. An experienced customs clearance agent knows the best way to utilize their contacts, achieving the most effective result for all parties in the supply chain.

Responsive to Requests

It’s essential to work with a customs clearance agent who responds quickly to requests. Your goods could become stuck at the port, or an official may raise queries regarding your shipment.

If your customs broker typically takes a day to reply to messages, you could find they are not effective when you need them most. Partnering with a company that responds quickly to the smallest of requests can give you peace of mind they’ll be ready in an emergency.

Customs Clearance

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