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Hiring a professional freight forwarding company to deliver your products is an excellent way to save you money and make international trade less stressful. Business owners sometimes prefer to control every aspect of their enterprise. However, an international freight forwarder can perform a range of complex duties, from planning delivery routes to organizing customs clearance for your goods.

Not only is this a cost-effective method of delivering goods, but it allows you to concentrate on how to expand your business with the new opportunities provided by global commerce.

Hassle-Free Administration

Before shipping companies collect your goods, there are documents to be completed. Customs documentation is crucial if you want to avoid your goods’ confiscation and a delay in delivery.

Freight forwarders are experts in navigating the reams of paperwork that are required when shipping goods. They take responsibility for completing and filing your paperwork and liaise with a customs broker to ensure your goods reach their destination on time.

There is also insurance to arrange. It is not as simple as insuring the goods, as liability can change at different stages of the journey. Underinsured merchandise could be a costly mistake. A freight broker takes care of cargo insurance on your behalf, giving you peace of mind.

Organizing the Supply Chain

Your goods can change hands and modes of transport several times on a single journey. Communication is essential throughout international transportation. It’s vital to be aware of the cargo location and any issues that could interrupt the supply chain, such as a backlog at the port or a truck break down.

Hiring a freight broker ensures they can manage these scenarios effectively. A freight forwarder can switch modes of transport using their shipping services network, such as from ocean shipping to air freight. They can utilize a vetted truck delivery service for drayage transportation and on-time delivery.

Without the support network of an experienced freight forwarder, you could find your goods are stuck in a warehouse, on a port, or lost in transit. Freight forwarders use tracking systems to get real-time updates on the location of your goods. Using their vast resources, they can help ensure the safe delivery of your merchandise.

Providing Extra Services

The benefit of hiring a freight forwarder isn’t just for when your goods are in transit. Larger organizations can also offer warehousing and fulfillment services and manage your entire inventory. You can outsource the tasks of storing goods, updating lists, packaging, and the delivery process.

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The Takeaway

Import and export are fraught with practical and administrative challenges. If you would like to know more about how hiring a professional freight forwarding service can save you time and money, call Asiana USA at (855) 500-1808.

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