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Choosing the right shipping company can make a significant difference to your business’ bottom line. An excellent shipping service can save you a lot of money, keep your customers happy, and ensure your goods arrive on time and in good condition. However, a bad shipping company can decrease customer satisfaction with delayed delivery times, broken items, and high shipping rates.

Knowing the big mistakes others make when choosing a shipping company can help you avoid them, ensuring you work with the best possible partner.

Forgetting to Check Reviews

Reviews are essential when choosing a shipping carrier. Although there will always be a few disgruntled customers, if most reviews have one or two stars, choose a different service.

You should also read what customers have to say in addition to viewing their ratings. If most reviews are positive but complain about lack of communication, you may want to consider an alternative shipping option.

Choosing a Company With the Wrong Shipping Options

One of the most common shipping mistakes is signing a contract with a company that doesn’t offer the options you need. If you require fast international shipping, ensure that the provider you contract with actually ships worldwide. However, if you only ship within the U.S., you may be able to save money by working with a domestic firm.

Companies with multiple shipping options may offer:

  • LCL (Less than a Container Load), which could save you money
  • FCL (Full Container Load), which is best for larger companies
  • Air shipping
  • Ocean shipping
  • Truck shipping
  • Rail shipping
  • Shipping perishables

Having various options means you can remain with the same shipping company if your business expands.

Only Looking at Rates

Many business owners base all decisions on their bottom line, looking only at the shipping cost. While this could save you money, low rates sometimes mean the shipping company skimps on other services, like customer service, creating accurate shipping labels, or failing to follow all the necessary regulations in the shipping process.

Companies with low rates may not understand the regulations in your destination countries, like taxes or customs duties. They may also have poor communication, making it difficult for your customers to track their purchase or use subpar packaging, resulting in damaged goods.

When you look at each company’s rates, consider what else they offer. Having a responsive and reliable shipping company that you can trust with your products is often worth paying a little more. However, ensure the company’s rates aren’t too high for your business. Offering free shipping to customers on certain products could help you attract new customers or retain existing ones.

Ocean Shipping Company

Not Reading the Fine Print

Some companies may include certain disclaimers in their fine print, which leave you financially liable for problems. Whenever you sign a contract, have your lawyer review it.

However, some firms are open to negotiation. If you love a company but have a problem with a particular term in their contract, ask them about altering it. Their response to this query could also help you gauge how they respond to questions from customers.

Choosing a Company Without Additional Services

Some companies that offer shipping only offer the basics. Having a logistics company that provides freight forwarding, warehousing, and order fulfillment make it easier for you to get your products to your customers.

Forgetting About Location

Although some shipping companies claim to deliver across the country or worldwide, you should check to see where they actually have facilities. If they’re located near a busy shipping hub, that’s an excellent sign that they have access to multiple shipping options.

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