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Securing the lowest freight shipping rates while maintaining timely and efficient deliveries is a constant challenge. E-commerce continues to contribute to the ever-growing global marketplace, and customers have never had higher expectations from suppliers. Goods are expected to be delivered quickly and cheaply.

Businesses must find a way to ensure speedy and safe deliveries without breaking the bank on shipping costs. With multiple variables to consider, keeping freight costs at a minimum is now a precise balancing act. Companies must focus on important factors such as product dimensions, density, stowability, freight class, packaging, insurance coverage, and storage facilities.

Prior planning and organization play a critical role in achieving reasonable carrier rates. The more time you have and the more planning involved increases your chances of gaining good rates. The following list explains several more ways your organization can source the best freight shipping rates.

Look Out for Spot Rates

Spot rates are late notice offerings that are generally priced significantly lower than regular contracted shipping rates. They are usually dependent on available capacity, meaning they won’t always suit your needs.

Highly organized importers may not benefit from spot rates too often, but they can be useful at times. Spot rates can be requested in certain instances, so don’t hesitate to ask your freight service company.

Choose a Reputable Freight Company

It’s always advantageous to get freight quotes from multiple carriers. However, rates don’t always denote value, particularly in the long term. Some freight carriers offer reduced rates but are renowned for poor service and delayed delivery times. Whether you choose rail, road, ocean, or air freight, ensure that you go with a reputable company.

Research options in advance, and pay attention to reviews, experience in your industry, services offered, including customs clearance, freight consolidation, tracking, packing, storing global network, and customer service.

Shipment Consolidation

Shipment consolidation can lead to considerable savings. If your shipment times and locations are relatively consistent or predictable, you should consider shipping less often but in greater quantities.

Taking advantage of full truckload freight (FTL) is much more cost-effective than shipping frequent smaller freight packages.

Utilize a Freight Forwarding Service

Many organizations use freight forwarding services to help optimize their logistical operations. Freight forwarders can provide skill, knowledge, experience, and industry contacts to achieve the lowest possible rates.

Discuss your annual shipment volume, supply chain processes, and transit time vs. price expectations to determine an ideal freight rating. The forwarder can work on your behalf to get the best rates available.

Efficient Packaging

Packaging plays a significant role if you want to ship freight at the best rate possible. Bulky or heavy packaging materials can cost unnecessary additional charges.

Ensure all items are packed in appropriately sized containers that maximize protection while taking up the minimum amount of space. Opt for stackable containers to avoid interlocking, pyramiding, and rotating layer patterns.

Focus on the Data

Achieving value in modern logistics is primarily down to data analysis and an efficiency focus. When shipping your goods, freight companies utilize the latest logistics technology to map out the most effective warehouse operations, routes, schedules, and logistics strategies.

If you wish to approach shipping unassisted, ensure that you focus on the data, use a warehouse management system (WMS), and use logistics technology to achieve maximum efficiency.

Outsource to a Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company

Third-party logistics (3PL) companies specialize in delivering optimized and efficient logistics services. Take advantage of their expertise, access to technology, and relationships with freight shipping companies by hiring them to complete order fulfillment.

They often source discounted freight shipping rates, which you can leverage to your advantage.

Seek Value in Shipping Rates

When looking for the best freight shipping rates, it’s vital to seek value over a low price. While cheap rates can look good on the surface, they are often masking a poor overall service. Opting for low-cost over value can cause long-term harm to your business.

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