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When goods are transferred around the world, they rarely go from departure to destination locations in one step. In fact, they may switch between air, ocean, land, and rail carriers before they reach their destination.

Freight forwarders do the work of organizing, planning, and optimizing global trade routes and logistics solutions to facilitate the movement and storage of those goods. They rely on an expansive network of transport vehicles, warehouses, and intermodal points to streamline the movement of goods and cargo across the whole world.

Freight forwarders and logistics companies gather information from shippers, warehousers, truckers, and more to plan the route cargo will take. When they need to incorporate a shipment, an optimized route is already available and ready to utilize.

International Freight Forwarding Services

International freight forwarding services helps ensure an uninterrupted supply chain for international shipping partners. International logistics include foreign customs, duties, regulations, and fees, that are constantly changing and being updated.

It is important for freight forwarders and logistics companies to carefully handle such processes and stay up to date on issues related to global transport. These things can change from day-to-day, and shippers should be aware of cost fluctuations, new regulations, or procedures at both destinations and departure points.


A shipping company handles transportation services for you, but an industry-leading freight forwarder can help you optimize your time and money. Freight forwarders incorporate your supply chain into an existing and strong network of shipments.

Asiana USA provides door-to-door transportation and logistics services that are meant to reduce overall costs. Our advanced and integrated shipping network allows us to optimize the movement of goods around the United States and the world.


Freight forwarding services include tracking inland transportation, document preparation, warehousing, negotiating fees, insurance, cargo consolidation, and shipping. These services greatly improve shipping for the shipper, receiver, and freight forwarding company.

Ideally, you should seek a partner who can perform all of these services. If you use more than one or all of these services, this will optimize your supply chain and shipping experience overall.

Mode of Transport

The best freight forwarding service providers make use of all modes of travel. Optimizing shipping routes using land, rail ocean, and air freight allows for an extended network of travel to and from multiple intermodal drayage points.

Drayage shipping means that cargo is moved between major intermodal points using high-volume transport such as a ship or train. Then, smaller vehicles will move them to the cargo to its final destination.

Trucks are an efficient way to move cargo and single containers between drayage points. While long-haul trucking has often been used to transport containers long distances, this practice is being replaced by drayage trucking, and other modes of transport are used for longer transport.

This is a safer alternative and more efficient, as truckers can make multiple trips daily. Additionally, truck companies have been incorporating new technology to further optimize the trucking experience, such as automatic transmissions and multiple cameras.

Rail transport is a far more efficient way to move multiple containers long distances. Instead of one driver per truck per container, a train can move over 200 double-stacked containers, use far less energy, and require far less personnel to operate.

It’s a safer, more effective way to move large goods long distances. Using one train where 100 trucks would have been needed also creates less pollution.

Air freight is used for more time-sensitive shipments. As transporting cargo by air poses weight and size restrictions, it is better used for smaller cargo. Due to high demand and higher fuel costs, air travel may be less suitable for heavy supply chains.

However, when cargo needs to travel far overnight, air freight can usually be the best option. Other situations where air freight is preferable is if you are shipping perishable, sensitive or hazardous items where special handling is required.

The majority of shipping occurs via the ocean. Ships carry large container loads and optimize shipping routes between major global trade ports. Transporting large amounts of cargo between major ports all over the world by ship allows for the rest of the shipping industry to flourish.

Over 11 million containers arrive yearly at different ports in the United States, many of which continue their journey by land to different parts of the country.

Final Thoughts

Choose a freight forwarding service that helps your business perform better by optimizing your supply chain, reducing your shipping costs, and deals with complicated international paperwork for you. At Asiana USA, we offer a combination of shipping services meant to facilitate your supply chain, as well as efficient and friendly customer service. Call Asiana USA today at 855-500-1808 to discuss how we can help you.

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