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Modern transportation methods provide more options than ever before. There is no need to settle for a one-size-fits-all solution when you can customize transportation containers to meet your requirements. You can create the ideal container that meets the long-term needs of your staff, helping them to store goods more efficiently, and ultimately provide a more effective delivery service for your customers.

Designing a custom container can streamline your storage and transportation services and contribute to increased profitability.

More Efficient Storage Packaging Solution

With a custom container, you can choose the shape and number of integrated storage solutions to match your products. Heavy-duty shelves can support cardboard boxes and custom packaging of different sizes, and you can pack items tightly so they don’t move during transportation.

Add in lockable cabinets for more substantial or expensive inventory to prevent them from sliding from their storage location when on the move. Ensuring a product arrives undamaged is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and keeping replacement costs to a minimum.  

Reduced Shipping Costs

Potential customers look for the best value, so it’s crucial to offer competitive prices. However, if you are using a 40’ container and 20% of the floor space is empty, you’re paying for a storage area you don’t use. This scenario can lead to increased costs for your customers because you need to charge higher prices to pay for the whole container.

Creating custom containers allows you to design a shape and size that matches your specific shipping requirements. Because you utilize the entire container, your business can increase profits and pass these savings to your customers.

Temperature Control

If you transport perishable goods such as foods or plants, you may need to maintain a set temperature inside the storage container. A cost-effective solution is to install an air conditioning system in your custom container.

You can even partition the storage area so one part of the container is at a specific temperature, while you set another at a different level. This functionality is ideal when transporting various goods that have unique requirements.

Depending on the goods you ship, you can also install heaters, exhaust fans, insulation, and lighting.

Improved Accessibility

You may not need to unload every item in a container, but you need access to specific areas. With a custom container, you can add roll-up access doors at strategic locations, providing staff with a quick and convenient method for retrieving goods. You can also use a custom design to place doors at either end of the container, allowing employees to work simultaneously at both ends to remove goods quicker.

Custom Containers Need

Increased Advertising Possibilities

Whether you run a small business or a multinational company, brand awareness is crucial for winning new customers. Using attractive packaging designs on shipping boxes is one solution, but you can also display your brand name on the outside of your containers.

This method is a useful technique for advertising your business to employees involved in the packing and transportation of your shipping container as it moves around the world. Your containers and brand name will be seen in port cities and on the road to your goods’ final destinations.

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