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Whether your supply chain management has already been long involved in freight forwarding services, or just switching over to ocean freight forwarders from air freight forwarders, your 3PL partner will always be an integral part of your warehouse management and business.

At Asiana USA we can help you negotiate contracts, get you lower rates, offer professional consultation, calculate shipping costs, give advice on packaging requirements, and educate you on duty and tax information for your fulfilment center. To take advantage of these benefits, we need to make sure our paths are logically intertwined by establishing similar values and goals and exercising transparency and communication.

Longevity is ideal for both parties to optimize success in these professional relationships fully, so we’ve gathered some advice on how to get the best out of your third-party logistics companies partner.

1. Determine if your 3PL’s values and vision align with your business

Before you choose a 3PL, make sure their values are similar to yours because this can have a huge impact on your business relationship. Not only will both parties understand each other’s perspective, but you will also be able to seamlessly work together to make sure everyone gets the optimal result. For instance, if you have high-maintenance products, it’s crucial for your 3PL partner to understand your inventory management priorities and is capable of offering you the high-quality services you need.

2. Consider their cost versus value

Evaluate their services with their prices to see if they are comparable. What will benefit you the most? Choosing a company that offers lower prices may seem okay at first, but the quality of their services and lack of attention may become detrimental to your business down the line. A more expensive option up front could, in fact, be a better investment if you consider the cost versus value of the vital elements that best suits you and your priorities. Additionally, taking a look at the 3PL’s financial growth history, future plans, and available resources can help determine your company’s future growth.

3. Build internal and external relationships through your 3PL

Enlarging your network is always beneficial in any field or industry. Building relationships with multiple people in your party logistics 3PL company can better transparency, improve communication, and establish long-term commitments. Always keep the future in mind; you don’t want to have to switch companies to restart or burn and bridges.

4. Establish short-term and long-term goals using KPIs

Using key performance indicators (KPIs) is a great way to measure performance and efficiency when setting your goals. Save time alone, at first, to set certain goals with a specific timeline and then present that to the 3PL services company. This can become extremely helpful in preventing delays or miscommunication and ensuring that you both stay on track on your short-term and long-term goals for your management system. Involving them in your future planning will emphasize longevity, and consequently can bring your company in with their long-range goals.

5. Understand the legal liabilities

No matter how acquainted you are with your 3PL relationship partner, remember that this is still a business relationship. Determining safety plans, insurance policies, business liabilities, and official laws are all necessary components for a mutually healthy and effective partnership. In worse case scenarios, you can refer to those parameters to protect your business.

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