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One of the most important parts of any supply chain is containers drayage service. While the majority of goods are transported long distances using ocean shipping, air freight, and rail lines, most shipments begin and end by using local drayage services.

Between large intermodal points, containers are transported between ports, railyards, and warehouses by drainage trucks or dry vans. The drayage vessel will pick up a container from a port or rail ramp and transport it locally to its next mode of shipment or prepare it for final delivery.

Without this part of the shipping industry, it would be a lot harder and more expensive to move goods to their final destination.

Drayage and Freight Forwarders

As drayage transport addresses the movement of goods and containers between intermodal points, it can be helpful to enlist your local freight forwarder to help you find the best container drayage solutions for your business. Freight forwarders are already connected with warehouses, truckers, and shippers, and may be able to get better rates and schedules for your shipment as well as offer storage solutions for containers and cargo.

Drayage and Freight Forwarders

This is especially helpful with imports and exports in foreign countries, where organizing the logistics of a pickup, drop off, or warehousing solution can be a lot more difficult, subject to different fees, customs, and languages to communicate in. A freight forwarder can help prevent any issues from occurring, as well as a deal with any surprises that may arise during the course of your shipment.


Another added benefit of working with the freight forwarder for your container drayage solution is that sometimes holding or delaying a shipment may save you a lot of money.

Freight forwarders can temporarily warehouse or store your container or its contents until it is ready to continue with the journey. While time and directness is often the main consideration for most shippers, freight forwarders are often able to work out a better route or cost based on their network of movers, making warehousing a good option for some.

Final Thoughts

Freight forwarders can be a pivotal partner in your global shipping venture that can develop container drayage solutions that best work for your needs. Whether you deal only in short distance shipping, and rely heavily on drayage vessels to transport your goods, or import and export to multiple countries and require drainage solutions internationally as well as locally.

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