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Ocean freight is a reliable and affordable way to import and export goods, ocean carriers can only move shipment so far. After a container has arrived at port, the next step is for port drayage services to move the containers to a warehouse or intermodal terminal a short distance away. Although short-haul freight may seem simple at first glance, the special term drayage is used because this short distance presents unique challenges. The drayage process
The world of shipping and logistics industry is currently changing dramatically and companies and shippers are constantly coming up with new ways to address change. Modern advances in technology play a significant role in this change. While some of the effects can disrupt the logistics industry, over the long run they can help leverage the use of automation, workflow optimization, and artificial intelligence. Current business models have and continue to adapt to such changes, and
Once you have the foundations of your business model in place and have identified primary factors such as products, target markets, and suppliers, your next step is to look at your supply chain to formulate, establish, and implement a logistics strategy. The logistics process is the crucial factor that keeps a well-organized business running, no matter what industry or sector you operate in. Raw materials to manufacturers and finished products to end users. Consumer goods
The shipping and logistics industries are currently facing unprecedented challenges. With Covid-19 having the greatest impact on how we travel and work since World War 2, the demands on logistics are greater than ever before. With people panic buying and leaving stores and shelves bare of essential supplies, the pressure on the companies manufacturing goods and those ensuring they reach the end users is immense. Is the industry up to the challenge? And can lessons
If you are in the import/export or manufacturing industry, you know that the steadiness of your supply line can determine the desired outcome of your business plan. The success or failure of your supply chain management depends on these factors: planning, contingency plans, competent personnel, warehouse management, automation, and transportation. If you are in the field of work that necessitates moving large parcels of inventory from one point to another, perhaps even overseas, then your
Logistics is a crucial component in the efficiency of many companies. Without a good logistics plan as part of your supply chain, then getting goods to markets – or receiving raw goods – becomes a difficult task. But in order for logistics activities to operate smoothly, there is another crucial component to be considered: customer service. Without a good level of communication and an efficient level of customer service, then any logistics chain will not
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