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International shipping services and supply chain solutions move mail and cargo to more than 220 countries and territories. The best shipping companies provide services to simplify the supply side of your business.

Transportation and shipping are just some of the services that a great shipping company provides. In addition to providing shipping services, Asiana USA offers warehousing solutions, fulfillment services, intermodal drayage, and exceptional customer service.

How a Great Shipping Company Can Help Your Business

When working with international cargo, it helps to have a trusted and experienced shipping partner assist you in making decisions, preparing and clearing shipments, and managing the paperwork and documentation necessary to clear foreign ports. Our team has experience working all over the world and in different currencies and languages.

Asiana USA has offices in Los Angeles, New York, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and China, and we do business with all the major shipping countries in the world. Let our expertise guide your business’ shipping, warehousing and fulfillment services, and feel assured that your cargo is being handled with care as it travels across international borders.

Coordinate the Legs of the Journey

Goods of all sizes, shapes, and weights are constantly moving around the world, and it is the work of global logistics and shipping companies to organize, plan, and commission carrier movement between intermodal points. The best shipping companies coordinate moving goods from ocean ports to airports and from rail yards to truck depots for a seamless transportation system.

It requires a lot of planning to build detailed supply routes that shippers can work with. Intermodal drayage refers to the short distance travel that carriers will have to make to transport shipments from intermodal points to their final destination. Trucks are the primary tools used in intermodal drayage, as they can easily move between ports, warehouses, rail yards, and private residences.

When moving containers across the world, shipping companies enlist the service of common carriers, ocean freight ships, air freight carriers, trucks, and trains to carry one or more containers to its next destination. While trucks can only carry one or two containers at a time, ocean freight ships can carry over 10,000.

Drayage trucks make several trips per day and remain in a single region, while larger vessels provide interregional transportation.

Once a container reaches a port, full container loads (FCL) are usually unpacked so the contents can be carted locally to their next or final destinations. Smaller goods, usually ordered by households and businesses, may require door-to-door delivery. This necessitates a smaller, more direct shipping method from its intermodal receiving point.

Find Attractive Shipping Options

The best shipping companies have expansive networks that allow them to find attractive shipping options for your business. Experienced logistics companies find and arrange shipping options that reflect the services your business needs at the lowest possible shipping rates.

Make Delivery Convenient

The best shipping companies handle the logistics of the journey, making it convenient and stress-free to hire a shipping company to handle your company’s supply chain.

Shipping companies can even arrange door-to-door delivery. This works best for shipping large items and sensitive cargo.

In order to effectively deliver items from door-t0-door, we use intermodal drayage carriers to transport items and cargo between main delivery points, such as sea or airports, and other intermodal points or distribution centers. From there, they make their way onto smaller, more individualized carriers that make the final deliveries.

Our door-to-door shipping services include both pick-up and delivery options, making your experience as simple and straightforward as possible. Our team members can offer you more specific information about scheduling, costs, and timelines upon request.

Provide More than Just Transportation Services

The best shipping companies will do more than just see that your goods are moved from point A to point B. Look for companies that offer full-service support and fulfillment services.

Some shipping companies offer warehousing services to make it easy for major shippers with large and consistent supply chains to manage their inventory. Warehousing allows businesses to temporarily store their goods before shipment, which helps businesses save on overall shipping costs.

Sometimes, storing cargo for a few days or even weeks can be more cost-effective than choosing an expensive shipping method that doesn’t require storage. Warehousing allows our customers to take advantage of our integrated shipping network, so we can find the best way for your goods to travel.

At Asiana USA, we find a number of routes and options that suit your shipping needs. Our goal is to save you money while getting your goods transported in a timely manner. If your goods need to be temporarily stored en-route, we can provide storage solutions until your goods are ready for their next leg of their journey.

Warehousing provides the freedom to wait for the right shipping service. Asiana USA can also help with packing and pick up your shipment for you.

Since we are a full-service shipping business, we can arrange the entire shipping operation for your products, making us a great choice for your international shipping partner. Our professional team members can help you learn more about warehousing options for your local or international shipment.

Coordinate Customer Deliveries

The best shipping companies understand that what really matters for your business is getting your products to the customers safely and quickly. These companies offer fulfillment services to help you keep your customers happy.

Fulfillment services may offer a significant advantage to businesses that ship goods often. Instead of having to package and ship items yourself, you can hire fulfillment services to package and ship items from warehouses to anywhere in the world. This service allows you to focus on operating your business while another company handles the logistics of moving your cargo.

As a reputed shipping company, Asiana USA offers fulfillment services so your goods can be shipped out of our warehouses on demand.

Our team of shipping experts at Asiana USA know the ins and outs of transporting goods, and we can help you get products to your customers quickly and efficiently. Keeping a large supply of products in our warehouses allows our professional shipping agents to fulfill your customers’ orders, so you can continue to do business headache-free.

Manage International Complexities

Top-notch shipping companies won’t make you deal with the paperwork and complex regulations of international shipping alone. A great freight forwarder manages import and export operations so you don’t have to.

When your goods move across international borders, they will be subject to customs, duties, and fees at the foreign port. These will vary based on the goods being imported, their value, and their classification.

Importing goods can be confusing, especially when dealing with a different currency or language, and working with an experienced freight forwarder can streamline this process. In the event there is an issue with your shipment, a good shipping company can handle it as quickly as possible, making sure your shipment continues its journey with minimal delay.

Customs, duty, and fees can vary depending on the goods, the shipper, the country, and demand. It is important to make sure your documentation is correct to avoid delays and penalty fees at foreign ports. The best shipping companies will know the terrain and help you navigate the importing scene.

Work With a Top-Tier Shipping Company

A high-quality shipping company will go above and beyond to make sure the shipping process goes smoothly. Working with a great logistics company can save your business the headache of dealing with the different companies involved in getting your products around the world.

Every day, Asiana USA deals with the best international shipping companies in the world to make sure goods and containers of all sizes and values arrive at their destinations safely and quickly. With our integrated network of shippers and movers, we carefully coordinate cargo transportation around the world.

Asiana USA provides shipping services including drayage, storage, warehousing, importing, and exporting; our global logistics solutions are helpful to all kinds of clients and customers with shipments of all sizes.

Our international staff has been trained to deal with all kinds of shipping ventures, and we can help you transport your cargo, build an international supply chain, or store and warehouse your items for later shipment.

In addition to offering integrated shipping services all over the world, we pride ourselves on offering white glove customer service. Call Asiana USA today at (855) 500-1808 to speak with one of our shipping professionals to learn how we can streamline your business or to request a quote.

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