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Ocean freight shipping companies move cargo to every port in the world. Daily, containers, cargo, and products are loaded and unloaded onto common carriers at major ports. The majority of the world’s shipping happens via ocean freight, accounting for 90% of all transportation of goods. There are different ocean freight services you can use to ensure your cargo gets delivered safely and efficiently around the globe.

Door to Door

Door to door shipping services guarantees your cargo makes it from your pick up point to your destination in the most cost-efficient way. Working with a shipping partner that can organize your transportation and storage needs is crucial, and can help your supply chain overall. At Asiana USA, we offer a variety of transportation, drayage, warehousing, and delivery solutions.

Container Consolidation

Ocean freight shipping occurs mainly through the use of shipping containers. One twenty-foot container is referred to as a TEU or twenty-foot container unit. This is the basis of measurement when deciding how much space you need for cargo when shipping.

If you require the whole container, then you would be shipping one full container load (FCL). You may opt for an FCL shipment even if your cargo doesn’t take up a whole container.

Container Consolidation

Each twenty-foot container fits 10 pallets. If your cargo doesn’t require much space or sensitive shipping, you will be shipping less than container load (LCL). LCL shipping can provide some flexibility for importers shipping smaller cargo, as the logistics company will combine your cargo with other LCL cargo to reduce transit times.

Importing and Exporting

Moving cargo into and out of foreign countries requires experience and expertise. A good shipping company will act as your customs brokerage as well by providing expertise regarding forms, payment, and shipping lines.

At Asiana USA, we are familiar with common shipping practices around the world and can help make sure your paperwork, duty, and fees are in order.

The Takeaway

There are several options you can take when choosing how to ship your cargo across the world. Cost, flexibility, reliability, and good customer service are among the most important. So when picking your shipping partner, choose one that provides you with the best all-around service. Call Asiana USA today at 855-500-1808 to get a quote.

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