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Whether your supply chain management has already been long involved in freight forwarding services, or just switching over to ocean freight forwarders from air freight forwarders, your 3PL partner will always be an integral part of your warehouse management and business. At Asiana USA we can help you negotiate contracts, get you lower rates, offer professional consultation, calculate shipping costs, give advice on packaging requirements, and educate you on duty and tax information for your
Although shipping may seem like an arbitrary concept for most civilians, there are plenty of factors to consider when shipping goods, especially on an international level. Importing and exporting using the largest container ships involve meticulous planning and organization, which is why most companies acquire the assistance of experienced international freight shipping companies. Enlisting the help of third party logistics companies can help businesses properly execute the process in the most cost-efficient way possible, and
There are numerous ways a company can lower its international freight costs through different practices and better supply chain management. Partnering with an experienced and seasoned international freight forwarder, pre-planning, and paying careful attention to the nuances of import regulations in the destination country, are just a few of the ways to lower your costs. Supply chain solutions are easier to find when you are utilizing the right tools and logistic plans. Pricing the Export
As a leading international freight forwarder, the experts at Asiana USA understand that newer companies often have various questions concerning the organization, political navigation, and the price of the international shipping process. With the amount of misleading and contradictory information available online, it comes as no surprise that one of the most common questions fielded by freight broker agents pertains to multimodal vs. intermodal shipping. The following guide includes an explanation of each type of
When it comes to coordinating the logistics of your supply chain shipping solution needs, many business owners don’t take into account the importance of the last few legs of the journey of their products, known as drayage. Drayage services are essential for transporting goods over short distances, usually between destinations in a metropolitan area. Often, drayage services get goods from the port to their final destination in a warehouse or consumer’s store. Drayage is a
International shipping companies such as 3PLs and international freight forwarders can help streamline the complicated process of importing furniture in the United States. At Asiana USA, we believe that American companies should have access to the foreign markets that allow their companies to thrive and contribute to a strong American economy. We pride ourselves on providing furniture import logistical services that help American companies take advantage of those benefits and have simplified the process into
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