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Driving a truck to the pier, loading the supply chain cargo on the ship, and then taking it from port to port seems like a very straightforward and easy process. However, this act of shipping something from point A to point B has many layers, and shipping freight rates are determined by how different components work together to assist the shipper in navigating the journey to make it a smooth experience for all the parties
In many ways, Cartage is precisely the same a Drayage when goods are being shipped from one location to another. However, one distinction for container drayage is that drayage usually means transporting the entire container and cartage usually means breaking down the contents of the container into smaller units and then transporting them by road to locations within a metropolitan area. Another way to separate the two would be that Drayage carries certain classifications under
Moving freight by ocean freight service mode can be made easier by using pallets. This is usually a better method because you can move more cargo for supply chains and it can be done with less worry about shifting or damage, especially over long voyages on vessel operating common carriers. Here are nine steps that should lead to a safer and more secure load when using a China Ocean carrier international shipping companies to the
The current tariff battle and the impending trade war between the U.S. and China began in 2011 when Donald Trump was anticipating a run for the Presidency. Since then, the China Ocean Shipping Company has shipped fewer products from the U.S. to China mainly because there has been a steady increase in friction between the two countries over trade balances. In an agreement that began as a discussion, it was not long before the U.S.
Drayage is an essential mode of transportation in the container shipping industry. The term drayage refers to moving inventory on a short-haul trip, usually between storage facilities and marine ports, rail terminals, or airports or vice versa. Trucks and vans are the primary types of drayage carriers. Drayage is a small but critical part of the supply chain, filling gaps between major modes of transportation. Importance of Container Drayage Services Since drayage services move inventory
For international companies, managing shipping and other global logistics can seem complicated, but a clearing and forwarding agent can help make your job simpler. With tariffs, customs procedures, and other policies changing all the time, many variables can get in the way of your business. Keeping up with the newest changes in the shipping industry distracts you from what you need to focus on to help your company stand out in your field. Freight forwarding
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