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Container Drayage

Container drayage refers to moving goods from one location to another on the back of a truck. Many years ago, the term drayage meant moving goods over a short distance using a small cart with no side. In modern times the concept is similar, and drayage companies play a vital role in the intermodal transportation of goods. Intermodal drayage uses more than one shipping mode to transport merchandise. Typical examples are taking goods from ocean
For international companies, managing shipping and other global logistics can seem complicated, but a clearing and forwarding agent can help make your job simpler. With tariffs, customs procedures, and other policies changing all the time, many variables can get in the way of your business. Keeping up with the newest changes in the shipping industry distracts you from what you need to focus on to help your company stand out in your field. Freight forwarding
Cargo insurance is one of the most vital and overlooked aspects of obtaining custom container solutions for the successful shipment of international freight and importing and exporting of goods. While the advanced 3PL and freight forwarding services offered by Asiana USA work to streamline your shipping process and drastically reduce the risk of incident, as a shipper, it is important that you understand just how much your business could stand to lose if your shipment
One of the most efficient ways of importing or exporting your goods is to use ocean freight forwarders. Choosing a qualified international shipping company to handle the shipping logistics can help you understand all your viable options, such as offering custom container solutions, helping you calculate costs, revealing hidden fees, assisting you in necessary packaging requirements, and preventing delays. Before you start the process of shipping your goods, consider the following pointers to help assuage
Whether your supply chain management has already been long involved in freight forwarding services, or just switching over to ocean freight forwarders from air freight forwarders, your 3PL partner will always be an integral part of your warehouse management and business. At Asiana USA we can help you negotiate contracts, get you lower rates, offer professional consultation, calculate shipping costs, give advice on packaging requirements, and educate you on duty and tax information for your
Although shipping may seem like an arbitrary concept for most civilians, there are plenty of factors to consider when shipping goods, especially on an international level. Importing and exporting using the largest container ships involve meticulous planning and organization, which is why most companies acquire the assistance of experienced international freight shipping companies. Enlisting the help of third party logistics companies can help businesses properly execute the process in the most cost-efficient way possible, and
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