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When you run a business, it’s important for each part to run like a well-oiled machine. Establishing an efficient drayage service is one component in this machine and it’s an essential piece for any smooth-running, successful business in the 21st century. Last-mile logistics can be notoriously challenging, and a short-distance transport option such as drayage can help streamline the process. As a business owner, learning how to include drayage services into your logistics process can
For most business owners, air cargo and air freight are used interchangeably to refer to the transport of goods by air. These two means of long-distance shipping are similar. Yet, there are also distinct and vital differences between them that could affect which form of transportation is appropriate and suitable for your needs. Using air freight is an essential component of international shipping, acting as a crucial link in the chain with other forms of
It’s standard for businesses to hire freight forwarding services to assist with sourcing, logistics, and other critical international freight operations. Freight forwarders provide specialized international shipping and logistics services that ensure the smooth transportation of goods from the port of origin to their destination. Depending on a business’ requirements, a freight forwarder’s services can range from logistics to organizing every aspect of imports or exports. A freight forwarder acts as an intermediary between a buyer,
Drayage is a critical element of local and international shipping that many people overlook. While it’s crucial to establish how to move goods cross-country, internationally, and intercontinentally, it’s also essential to find methods for moving containers shorter distances. Drayage is the essential link that enables shippers to manage intermodal transport. As a crucial step in the supply chain, importers and exporters must continue to improve their drayage processes. As 2021 draws near, we are amid
International shipping continues to grow as we become more reliant on online shopping and e-commerce. The internet has revolutionized how we shop and has caused customer expectations to hit all-time highs. People expect cheap goods, free shipping (or close to it), and fast delivery. As the global shipping industry expands, processes and strategies are continually evolving. With the help of technology, logistics companies are faster and more efficient than ever. However, with the increased traffic
Ocean freight accounts for 90% of international shipping. It is the most cost-effective method of transport, and large ocean carriers can move extremely heavy freight. Although it is a relatively slow way to move your goods, it is significantly cheaper than air freight (around five times cheaper). While it doesn’t suit every business, it is an option when transporting higher volumes of goods. Although it is one of the most straightforward shipping methods, shippers must
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