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Every FMCG business eventually reaches the stage where they must consider outsourcing order fulfillment. In the early stages of growing your business, fulfillment in-house is generally manageable. However, when you begin struggling to fulfill orders, an outsourced order fulfillment service might be your best option. As customer expectations continue to rise when it comes to online shopping, a modern ecommerce business must keep its standards high. For small businesses or those that lack the resources
As online shopping continues to grow, international shipping standards are constantly on the rise. Large online-based retail organizations such as Amazon and Wish generate millions of sales every day. In fact, Amazon records $4,772 worth of sales each second (equating to over $400 million per day). The modern consumer is now accustomed to fast and efficient international shipping services. Businesses that are involved in importing and exporting must prioritize shipping processes. To achieve maximum customer
The effective regulation of foreign trade is essential in maintaining a prosperous marketplace. With an abundance of trade routes, suppliers, manufacturers, and classifications being imported to the United States every day, the customs and border protection (CBP) plays an integral role in customs regulations. While free trade agreements are in place with individual nations, CBP must still perform various duties regarding imports and exports. There are stringent rules around entry procedures, goods classifications, valuations, duties,
A third-party logistics (3PL) provider enables the smallest of ecommerce businesses to compete with large retail organizations. What’s more, a 3PL can reduce overhead and free up a significant amount of time for specialist companies that don’t have the means to efficiently complete order fulfillment. Although many businesses handle fulfillment in-house, hiring 3PL companies can open up markets and opportunities previously out of reach. If your business is struggling to meet order volume demand or
The demands of modern consumers have never been higher, particularly when it comes to ecommerce. Logistics companies and retail giants have raised the standards to the point where smaller businesses are struggling to keep customers satisfied. Order fulfillment is a critical part of the process. For a small business owner to compete with a global retail outlet, they must optimize every step of the supply chain. Fulfillment processes need to maximize efficiency and productivity. This
There are countless reasons for a business needing some additional long-term storage space. Whether an organization is downsizing or upgrading, there is often a need for long-term storage to keep items safe and out of the way. Although there are a few options for storing your items, renting long-term storage units is generally the best choice. Hiring the services of a storage facility can ensure the safety of your items for the period you require.
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